10 great Android features Google should steal from Samsung, LG and HTC

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No depending on the version range, we love stock Android. It’s the main cause why the Pixel remains one of the excellent telephones you can purchase, and if we had our way, we might have already set up the freshest version of Nougat on our favourite handsets of the yr, the Galaxy S8, and LG G6.

But inventory Android is never best. For the whole thing it does right, there are nevertheless those little things we want it’d do otherwise. And whilst the custom designed interfaces from Samsung, LG, and HTC would possibly pale in assessment to pure 7.1.2 Nougat, there are nonetheless some genuine enhancements scattered for the duration of the OEM software program.

10 great Android features Google should steal from Samsung, LG and HTC 1

These are the ones Google ought to steal first.

Smarter display screen size

smart screen size IDG
Sharing and modifying screenshots on the Galaxy S8 is superbly easy.

Now that Samsung has ditched a physical home button, taking a screenshot on the Galaxy S8 is similar to it’s far on the Pixel: Mash the electricity and down-quantity keys. But Samsung takes screenshots to the next stage with Smart Screen Capture. Immediately after capturing a screen, a set of shortcuts seems at the bottom of the display: scroll size (which helps you to expand the image via scrolling down and splicing the snapshots together), draw, crop, and share. It certain beats having to open Google Photos every time we take a picture of our screen.

Better navigation bar

navigation buttons IDG
We love including more navigation buttons to our LG G6.




The Android navigation bar has the equal 3 buttons on every phone: Back, domestic, and recent. But on LG telephones, there are a pair more options that we’d love to look in inventory Android. You can add as much as 5 buttons for your navigation bar on the G6, increasing the on-display options to encompass shortcuts for knocking down the notification color, taking a display screen shot, or getting access to LG’s suite of QSlide apps. (OK, we don’t actually need that ultimate one.)

A higher digicam app

digicam app IDG
The LG G6’s digicam app is one of the most important cause’s why it’s our favorite shooter.

The Pixel might also take high-quality photographs, but its digital camera app is surprisingly pedestrian. In reality, it’s one location in which maximum producers run circles around inventory Android, and Google could really stand to study an aspect or from its partners. For example LG’s exceptional rectangular capturing modes and picture gallery strip. Or Samsung’s incredible manual options and floating shutter. The list of capabilities is going on, and we’d want to see Google upload simply multiple them into the main digicam app.

Settings guidelines

settings recommendations IDG
A little help in the Settings app would cross an extended manner.

Ts at the lowest of each display. So in case you’re in the Display settings, it’ll ask in case you were, in reality, seeking out the continually on display settings or video enhancer options. You’d be surprised by how often it is available in available.

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