2017 Hajj: NAHCON counters tour operator’s claim of cheaper package

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The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria, NAHCON, says a declare using an excursion operator to provide Nigerian Muslims a less expensive package for the 2017 Hajj is fake.
HASHA Travel and Tour, one of all NAHCON’s accredited excursion operators, is supplying N1.25 million fare with a $500 stipend. The fare but does not now include feeding.

Baba Mohammed, chairman of the HASHA Travel and Tour, said pilgrims also have an alternative to accumulating $three hundred to move for clinical screening at a Saudi German clinic.
“The fare is exactly N1.250 million, and a pilgrim has a choice of gathering $300 and go for clinical screening at Saudi German at the cost of $2 hundred in preference to the Hospital charge of $250,” he said.
“Secondly, the package is only for weeks, this brings down the cost of in unlike the states so that it will be there for approximately 4 weeks.

“Thirdly, the price of flight tickets is about $1,000 that’s lower than the states’ airfare. Again, no feeding except in Mina and Arafat among other matters that made the price to be decrease than that of NAHCON,” he brought.
But, Abdullahi Mukhtar, chairman of NAHCON, who spoke on the BBC Hausa program, Rajai Riga Ne, said such a claim couldn’t be true.
“We had a meeting with the agency that marketed N1.25 million package deal. The enterprise has no settlement record with Ethiopian Airlines. The corporation has no contract settlement in Makkah or Madinah,” he stated.

2017 Hajj: NAHCON counters tour operator’s claim of cheaper package 1

Mr. Mukhtar said the $1,000 Ethiopian Airline price tag fare claimed by way of the tour company turned into not additionally realistic.
He stated the online purchase of an Ethiopian Airline ticket to Saudi Arabia from July finishing to August is positioned at $1, seven-hundred.

“I spoke with Ethiopian airline, they said they have got no longer supplied to all and sundry the 2017 Hajj fare price tag,” he stated.
He said ninety-eight% of Hajj fare is determined in US greenbacks. Consequently, the commission contributed to the accredited N1.5 million fare, which consists of airline price tag, lodging factor in Madinah and Makkah, Muna, Arafat, and Muzdalifah. Other additives include shipping, feeding, and Basic Travel Allowance.
Mr. Mukhtar said the Airline price ticket for every proceeding pilgrim from the Northern States is $1 six hundred, “with a slight difference of about $50, much less for intending pilgrims from Borno and Adamawa states.”
The price tag for those from the whole Southern part of us is $1,seven-hundred.


He delivered that $933 is for accommodation per proceeding pilgrim in Makkah, even as $430 is charged for Madinah.
A senator, Ahmed Macau, who also featured at the program, called on the Federal Government to inspect the high alternate rate problem.
“This 2017 Hajj fare should be reduced as a way to alleviate the suffering of intending pilgrims and to have enough money them the possibility to fulfill one of the five pillars of Islam,” he s

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