3 Tips For Watching Out For Pedestrians While Driving

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As a driver, you’ve got many things that you need to be keeping your eyes on. You’ve got to be watching the traffic and other cars in front of you to ensure that you don’t get into a car accident. You’ve got to watch for potholes or changes in the lane you’re driving in, so you don’t damage your vehicle. You also have to manage whatever is going on inside your car, whether that’s noisy kids or your favorite song coming on the radio. But one thing that many drivers tend to overlook is the people walking along the roads beside them. So to ensure that you don’t wind up in an altercation with a pedestrian, here are three tips for watching out for pedestrians while driving.

Take Extra Care Around Driveways

One of the most common places for pedestrians to get hit is right near a driveway. While you might think that this is less of a possibility for a pedestrian to get hit and injured because the driver is going so slow, even a small bump by a car can cause real damage to a person. Knowing this, Esurance.com advises that you take extra care when you’re driving out of your own driveway. Make sure you check all around your car for people who might be getting close to you and go slow so that you can have the reaction time you need if a pedestrian moves right into your driveway as you’re about to back out.

Limit Distractions While In The Car

While you should be trying to keep any distractions to a minimum when you’re driving your car anyway, you should be especially vigilant about this when there are pedestrians around. According to Geico.com, shares that drivers are responsible for looking out for pedestrians, even if you claim not to have seen them. Because of this, you must limit any distractions in your car, especially when it’s dark, and it might be harder to see a pedestrian. Looking away from just a few seconds could cause you to miss seeing someone you otherwise should have stopped for.

Know The Laws

To help you better understand what pedestrians are doing, you should try to learn all the laws regarding how to be a proper pedestrian. According to Dana Hedgpeth, a contributor to The Washington Post, this includes knowing what the laws are in your area for yielding to cyclists and pedestrians, how to handle crosswalks, and what the speed limits generally are in areas where many pedestrians are present. To keep everyone safe while on the road, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you be more aware of what you should be doing when driving around pedestrians.

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