3 Types of Video Content that Perform Well on Blogs

3 Types of Video Content that Perform Well on Blogs

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Embedding video content into blogs has become more and more popular in recent years – mostly due to the popularity of videos as well as its effectiveness in conveying information. If you’re thinking of creating and embedding video content of your own onto your blog then you should know that there are some types of video content that perform better than others in that regard.


  1. Vlogs

Short for ‘video blogs’, vlogs are essentially a blog post in video form – and normally consist of the vlogger (i.e. you) talking into a webcam. Because it is so personal and personality-driven, vlogs are a great form of video content for blogs and will allow you to connect with your viewers.

  1. Tutorials and ‘How to’ Guides

As the name indicates, these types of videos are essentially tutorials about something, or guides that outline how to perform a certain task. In that way tutorials are helpful, relevant and tend to be of interest to viewers – making it easy to see why they perform so well.

  1. Product Reviews

If your audience trusts you then they’ll want to know what you think about certain products or services. Giving your take is not only a great way to inform your viewers about certain products that may be useful to them – but also an important marketing tool.

If you’re interested in creating one (or more) of these types of videos then you should be able to find what you need using the video software by Movavi. It includes many different types of software that will allow you to record video footage from your webcam, capture it directly from your screen, and even edit and improve it in a variety of ways.

All of the Movavi software is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, so even if you’ve never attempted to create a video in the past you should be able to jump right in and get started. More importantly it will provide you with an easy and yet effective way to ensure the video you create looks professional and polished.

By choosing the Movavi software that corresponds to the type of video you want to create, you should have everything you need right there at your fingertips. The more you experiment and try new things, the more you’ll be able to utilize its features and tap into its potential to create great videos for your blog.

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