3M Dual Lock-The Number One Choice for Velcro Fabric

3M Dual Lock-The Number One Choice for Velcro Fabric

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Adhesives are one of the most important thing of all time. Its importance has never been lost to humanity since time unknown. While constructing a house, adhesives are important in keeping all items in place, thereby making it a home sweet home for a wonderful family. Not only for construction, but adhesives have also got its usage in the fashion industry. While designers look for unique pieces, they also dig in to the usage of Velcro Fabric when attaching those pieces. Now, Velcro is a very useful material, especially when it is in its self-adhesive form. But, Velcro has some setbacks. Those setbacks are coped up by technology for the vibrant needs of the society.

This is where the 3M dual lock comes in to play. The 3M dual lock is the thing which is needed for secure linkage of the Velcro fabric. When we compare the performance of this strap with other brands, this strap works four times more than any other brands. This 3M dual lock is weather resistant and therefore works in any extreme temperature, which is unlike any other Velcro straps. Unlike other strap brands which uses hair like particles to attach itself to anything, the 3M dual lock uses a mushroom like hook to bond itself with the loop side.

There are two variants of 3M dual lock from the color point of view. Black and transparent are the colors in which 3M dual lock is available. 3M dual lock is also available with different number of stems. They are: 170,250, 400 and Low profile. Type 170 has 170 stems in the 3M dual lock, type 250 has 250 stems and so on. The popular choice, and the one you can easily find in stores is the 250 stems dual lock, which is the most favorable when it comes to all around use. Low profile is a different type of dual lock, and has about 700 stems per sq. inch. This dual lock is very short and thin, and therefore adds to only about one tenth of an inch. Though, this cannot hold things like the standard dual lock does, but it is very useful for lightweight, small items. Since, its design is also minimalistic, its design doesn’t stick out from the wall.

It is absolutely necessary to clean both sides of the Velcro. The straps can be cleaned by alcohol, and then can be left to dry. After the strap dries up, stick the straps together, since they should be parallel, and that can be done only in a single possibility. Since dual locks are very powerful, and hold things together very strongly, you should not use it often, until you are familiar with disassembling the Velcro. If you try to pull off a attached object, from a strip laid on to a wooden surface, you may actually pull off the outer layer of the wood instead. So, be careful while assembling and disassembling.

JT’s Outdoor Fabrics brings you the best dual locks available in the market. Touch it, feel it, buy it from JT’s Outdoor Fabrics. Though Marine Velcro suffers some setback, with the use of these 3M dual lock, it surpasses its setback by quite a few miles. If you are using it daily, just be sure to clean it off often, and there will be no problems for times to come.

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