4 Design Tips For Your Living Room

4 Design Tips For Your Living Room

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Designing your living room is a fun way to breathe life into your house with your own personal style. By creating a cohesive look for your living room, you can create a space which you feel happy and cozy in. Since your living room is the place where you greet your guests and spend time relaxing after a long day, it’s essential to make it somewhere that you’re proud of.

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Whether you’re designing for the first time, or just want to shake up your current design to things a bit more interesting, here are some of the basics to get you started.

Have a Visual Centerpiece

Having a bold piece in the room which ties everything together is the first step to creating a look. When your eye is drawn to a bold statement, it forms the basis of your design.

A centerpiece can be anything from installing a fireplace, to a large art piece, or even a large lamp. Depending on what kind of personal style you have, you may decide to opt for something more or less classic. Whereas if you’re edgy and love pushing the envelope, you may choose something original and unique. Play around with different ideas and see which one resonates most with your personal flair.

Plenty Of Natural Light

Having a room with plenty of natural light makes your space feel much more spacious and inviting. By making sure your windows are large and open enough to let in light, you’ll feel much more content and surrounded by natural beauty.

In the evening when the sun is down, try depending on minimal dim lighting rather than blaring overhead lights. The dim lighting will give a sense of peace and make you and your guests feel at ease.


There’s something about plants in a room that makes the entire space transform. It’s a soothing feeling when you’re surrounded by beautiful greenery which inspires life and growth.

If you don’t have much of a green thumb, be careful when choosing artificial plants. They can read as campy and tacky if you don’t choose carefully. Most designers recommend real plants over artificial lights. Consider getting plants which are relatively easy to keep alive with minimal watering.

Light Colors

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when designing a room is choosing dark reds or browns. This sucks the energy out of the room and can even make you feel angry.

The founder of favorite home and architecture news site Freshome says, “Red has been shown to raise blood pressure and speed respiration and heart rate.”

Instead, opt for light colors which inspire relaxation and meditation in your living room space.


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