4 Helpful Care Tips on Body Jewelry

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Gone are the days when body piercing was considered an unusual thing. Body jewelry and piercing have gained much popularity these days, and it’s no longer an unusual thing to encounter someone with pierced body parts.

However, getting ears, nose, bellybutton, or eyebrows pierced is common amongst adolescents and young adults. As piercing is primarily done by creating an opening in the body part, it tends to be risky and complicated. Further, unsuccessful piercing leads to allergic reactions, skin infections, oral complications, trauma, or blood-borne diseases.

Before you head for body piercing, you should carefully think about the piercing location and size. Though it might be difficult to assess body jewelry’s right size yet, you can rely on the piercer.

Is body piercing on your mind? Read the following tips to know the right size of body jewelry for you and how to care for your piercings.

1.Find Out the Right Size of the Body Jewelry:

To find the right body jewelry for your specific piercings, it is essential to know the jewelry’s right size. You can do it by simply referring to a size chart.

At times, there is no standard size of cartilage and facial piercings, and it might range from 14 gauges to 18 gauges. But it becomes highly significant to know the size of the body jewelry, especially when you are buying it online. Further, it is no good to invest money in a piece of magnificent jewelry when you are totally negligent of your piercing size.

In case you were already pierced, you can either look at the size of the piercing and match it with the size chart or contact the person who got your piercing done and ask him the size of your piercing.

2.Take Proper Care for your Body Jewelry:

Whether you are in the shower or getting ready for a night out, it is mandatory to take special care of your body jewelry, especially when it is freshly pierced.

Perform routine checks and ensure that body jewelry is in its place. The best way to take care of the body jewelry is to remove it off before going to a shower or swim. This will lengthen the life of your jewelry, permitting you not to worry about the jewelry while in the shower or at night out.

3.Careful Insertion and Removal of Body Jewelry:

Insert, and body jewelry removal should be done in a well-lit room and preferably on the floor with a thick carpet. It’s an easy way to recover the small balls that might have been dropped off accidentally.

While inserting the body jewelry in the piercing, push the backing as far as possible in the piercing, clockwise rotate the balls, and avoid over-tightening it. Over tightening the balls or charms, tends to break the threads and damage the jewelry and body tissues. The same mechanism should be followed while removing the jewelry from the piercing.

On the other hand, segment rings are perfect substitutes for captive bed or charm rings. The former have hoops that are clipped to form a seamless circle. Insertion, detachment of these rings is relatively easier than balls and charms.

Loose Clothes are Real Friends:

With fresh piercings or dangling body jewelry, clothes that can cause discomfort and irritation should be avoided. Piercings do not require much maintenance. It is generally required at the very beginning, and if you stick to it, you are likely to enjoy health benefits in the long run.

Apart from the aforementioned tips, the piercing shall be taken proper care of, and the use of the right set of guns and needles should be insisted.

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