5 Father’s Day Tips For Next Year

5 Father’s Day Tips For Next Year

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With the most recent Father’s Day just now passed, you’re either going to be glad you spent your time and energy correctly, or you realize that maybe your priorities were a bit off and you missed an opportunity to appreciate him. In either case, you either want a repeat of a good thing or a fix of a bad thing when next June rolls around. So, a few tips to get your attitude in the right place might be not to get caught underestimating the importance of dads next year, plan earlier for the day itself, pick your own cultural norms in terms of propriety, start paying attention sooner to possibilities, likes and dislikes, and make the event for him, not for you or other members of your family.

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Don’t Get Caught Underestimating Your Dad.

There’s a tremendous amount of pressure every year to get the right Mother’s Day present for your mom and to make her day as perfect and appreciated as possible. However, there’s often not as much attention paid to dad. Why is this? Culturally, it has many roots in the biases for motherhood as the center to a happy life, rather than a combination of motherhood and good fathering. Don’t get caught acting like this – for one day a year, give your dad the priority to make him feel good!

Plan Earlier

Mother’s Day is talked about months in advance. Father’s Day only gets a fraction of the notice, and generally only a few days before. If you want to have a great Father’s Day celebration, make sure that you’re planning before the mass cultural advertising attention is out on the loose. Relieve some of your own stress regarding planning, and have a better day for him.


Choose Cultural Norms For Yourself

In every culture, there’s a bias toward certain events and holidays. However, you can escape from these norms so long as you make it a focal point, even for your dad as short as a day. Plan early to make it a big deal, and as long as your dad is ok with the attention, it’ll come across as truly a special event, instead of a second class one like it is in many families.

Start Paying Attention Sooner

Essentially, the sooner you start paying attention to Father’s Day weekend, and the sooner you pay attention to what your dad would appreciate, the more naturally the event will happen. Even if it’s something like burgers on the grill outside and a beer, that’s better than just a phone call.

Make the Event For Him, Not You

Many Father’s Day celebrations end up being an extension of Mother’s Day. Mom gets ahold of the details and then skews them for her own purposes and to her own company. Don’t let the day get hijacked next time, by her or anyone else, and you’ll all have a great time.

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