5 Important Questions to Ask a Window Replacement Contractor

5 Important Questions to Ask a Window Replacement Contractor

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Replacing windows of your home might seem like any other task until you realize the substantial investment of time and money that would be spent in having it done. Finding an expert window replacement contractor is no less than a search for a qualified doctor, or a car mechanic. There are numerous factors to be evaluated before you weed out the options not meeting your expectations.

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During your research, you can easily find an exhaustive list of contractors from the internet and a few recommendations from friends and relatives too. But to make sure that you choose the most suitable option for your home improvement project, seek out answers to the below-mentioned list of questions –

Question 1: Where are you located?

This is the most basic information that you must seek to make sure you don’t get stuck in a misleading deal. A contractor having a physical presence is a positive indication and convincing enough that you are not dealing with a scammer.

Question 2: How long have you been in the same line of business?

Hiring a contractor who has been in the industry for a long time builds a solid reputation in the market and a vast pool of knowledge. The experienced contractors are in a better position to offer expert services and satisfactory replacement solutions.

Question 3: What will be the overall cost and time duration of the project?

It is important to check with your contractor if the project involves hourly charges or a flat rate. There are various contractors who usually charge differently as per the scope of work. For instance, a small task can be charged per hour whereas a project involving a series of tasks can be paid in lump sum. In addition, ask for the estimated time duration by when the job will be completed and mention it in your written contract.

Question 4: What kind of jobs you have undertaken in past? Do you have any referrals?

Having a look at the previous work of the prospective contractor can be very helpful in deciding if that contractor will be suitable for your project or not. So, make sure you ask for the contractor’s work portfolio to verify the authenticity and professionalism. You may straightway request for the references or can also do online research and check clients’ reviews and ratings. This will give you a better insight into contractor’s ethics, punctuality, flexibility, and quality of services.

Question 5: Do you carry mandate licenses, certifications, and insurance?

Generally, all the window replacement contractors are required to have proper licenses to undertake renovation projects and operate in the community. A contractor who is duly certified by the local government can assure you reliable and quality services as licenses are only handed over to them after providing proper training. But, beware of bogus contractors out there who tend to lie about their certification and confirm about them from the concerned authorities before finalizing one. Additionally, make sure the contractor carries liability insurance to keep you protected you from all sorts of future liabilities.

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