5 Places to Visit When Vacationing in Mumbai

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Hey, folks! When you are booking flights from Bangalore to Mumbai at low cost, especially from a reputed travel agency like Yatra and the likes, and, when you have not experienced the downpour of Mumbai before, you will surely love to take a tour of this classy and historic city, won’t you? Be it regarding fashion or be in terms of beauty, every aspect of Mumbai has its own story to narrate to every traveler. So, grab your camera and set out on the hunt to capture every whispering brick and natural element that pours their heart out to you as you take a stroll down the memorable lanes. My Live Updates

  1. The Dancing Dhobi Ghat: How many of you think robots are the only ones who can work hard enough with speed and precision? If you have raised your hand up in the air, you don’t need to pat yourself on your back as you are highly mistaken. If you have not visited the Dhobi Ghat in Mumbai, you have no idea how skilled human beings can be, especially when it comes to swinging their hips and the soiled clothes simultaneously to get the dirt off!
  2. The Gorgeous Gateway of India: While the other websites would brief you about how the Gateway of India was built to commemorate King George V and Queen Mary’s visit, let’s not brag about history just once! So, if you are visiting the Gateway of Indi with the hope of running into a kit of pigeons like you’ve seen in the movies, your imagination will definitely be rewarded as long as you care to feed the little birds a little. In fact, clicking photographs at this historic landmark will not be the only thing you do because you’d love to take a boat ride into the sea so that you get a clear view of this majestic structure from a totally different angle.
  3. The Juvenile Juhu Beach: The Juhu Beach is nature’s paradise when you compare it with all the other beautiful tourist places in Mumbai. When you visit Juhu Beach, the salty air will automatically force you to plunge into the splashing waves near the shoreline. And, this will drive your hunger to such an extent that you would not be able to refrain from gulping down plates and plates of local delicacies like Panipuri, Pav Bhaji, Vada Pav, and the likes even if you are on a strict diet regime.
  4. The Mystique Marine Drive: The first thing that you will notice as you get off the cab or the bus on the Marine Drive is that you can barely see where it is beginning and where it’s ending. While some fitness freaks among you would love to walk down the lane, others, especially the couples, would love to gaze at the distant horizon and confess their love for each other. Be assured that nothing can be more romantic than seeing the reflection of the setting sun in the glittery eyes of your loved ones. However, remember to carry an umbrella because the seawater often climbs the wall stealthily to say “Hello!” to you!
  5. The Wonderful Worli-Bandra Sea Link: All you people who think that the Indian civil engineers can only build bridges that fall off after a few years, you should take a drive down the Worli-Bandra Sea Link. Your eyes will literally bulge out like Tom in the Tom and Jerry series when you look at the strength and accuracy with which the bridge is standing guard against the beating waves and spreading its sturdy shoulders for the vehicles to cross safely.


This is how Mumbai should like when you utilize one of Bangalore’s flights to Mumbai at low cost or from any other city to blurt out the word,” Awesome,” as you walk down the streets on which your favorite actors and actresses have set foot upon.

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