5 Tips For New Motorcycle Riders

5 Tips For New Motorcycle Riders

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Riding motorcycles is a thrilling pastime. However, for every ounce of excitement involved, there is just as much danger. Motorcycles are one of the most dangerous vehicles out there and result in thousands of accidents a year. Therefore, you must learn how to take responsibility for yourself and others with whom you share the road. Before you jump on your bike and let your hair fly freely in the wind, make sure that you take a look at some of the most important tips that all new riders should know.

Don’t Get Carried Away.

Many new riders want to jump right into the caliber of tricks that seasoned riders take on. However, you must learn and master your stunts before attempting anything which could get you seriously injured. One of the most common reasons for motorcycle accidents is lack of experience. Just like with any dangerous activity or extreme sport, you should be an expert before attempting anything.

Get Trained

In most parts of the world, it’s a legal requirement to be a trained motorcyclist. You must know how to operate a vehicle before you’re allowed to drive it around. Taking a class won’t just help you stay out of danger, but anyone else around you. Rather than seeing a safety course as an extra expense, see it as a tool for saving a life.

Don’t Speed

The reason that speed limits are enforced is to keep people out of danger. Being a speed demon and surpassing the speed limit is only going to perpetuate stereotypes of motorcycle riders. Respect the limits and only speed after you’re experienced on your bike and you’re in the middle of an empty road, preferably in the country.

Don’t Ride In The Rain.

When you’re first starting out riding, you should avoid driving in unsafe weather conditions. If your motorcycle is your only vehicle, then arrange for a ride with someone else or take public transportation. Knowing how to operate your vehicle with minimal visibility and slick roads requires a special set of skills that new drivers don’t have right away.

Always Wear a Helmet

You must always ride with a helmet under any and all circumstances. Buy a full-faced helmet that is manufactured by a trusted brand. Regardless of whether you’re going on a 300-mile ride or a 3-minute ride, you should always remember safety first. Getting brain damage or suffering a fatality isn’t worth those few moments of having your hair flow freely in the breeze. Even the most experienced motorcycle riders would never dream of getting on their bike without a helmet.

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