5 Tips on Choosing a Futon to Match Your Small Living Room

5 Tips on Choosing a Futon to Match Your Small Living Room

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Small apartments are the perfect places for futons. After all, having a two-in-one piece of furniture in the small living room can be extremely beneficial. The futon is also perfect for the individual who’s a little shy about heading to work. On the other hand, the right futon can help you redesign your living room, making it a space that makes you happy and cozy! A futon is a handy piece of furniture that usually doubles up as a bed and couch. The same mattress may be used as a bed mattress and seat cushion, depending on the frame configuration. However, there’s a lot more that goes into finding the right futon for your small living room.

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1. Basic Purpose of the Futon

While picking the best futon for your living room, you need to consider how you are likely to use it. Different futons are suited for different tasks:

  • Sitting – If you intend to use the futon primarily as a couch, and the occasional guest bed, look for one that features armrests, backrest, and legs as part of the frame for better comfort.
  • Sleeping – If you plan to use the futon as a regular sleep spot, you need to ensure that there’s plenty of space around it. Make sure that you don’t have to move other furniture whenever you unfold the futon. Plus, make sure that the mattress is thick and comfortable, with a supportive frame.
  • Both – If you’ll be using the futon for sleeping and sitting equally, choose one that’s easy to convert from couch to bed and back. Loveseat-style futons usually offer the best versatility when it comes to mixed uses without taking up a lot of your floor space.

2. Doubles as Extra Storage Space

One of the best things about futons is that they are not only handy in your living room, but you can also make them even more practical by doubling them up as extra storage spaces. When working with little space in your home, you need to make maximal use of the space available. You can only do this by making your futon even more versatile. A futon can easily transform your living room space from cramped and crowded to one that’s spacious and airy. Instead of looking for a futon that sits right on the floor, choose one that leaves enough space where you can fit small shelves and drawers underneath. The drawers will help you optimize the space available.

3. Get a Futon Lounger

If you are working with a small space but need to accommodate sleep, consider getting a futon lounger. Also known as a loveseat or space saver, the lounger offers you an additional leg part that quickly folds into the frame while hiding between the seat deck and futon base.

Futon loungers are available in different sizes:

  • Twin lounger – This is the smallest frame that quickly turns into a twin bed.
  • Full lounger – This option is the best solution for tight spaces, but it still offers you the size of a full-size bed in your small living room. In most cases, it comes with a stow-away ottoman that can be easily stored under the loveseat. When the loveseat and ottoman are used together, they become a full-size bed.
  • Queen lounger – Another space-saving option if you are looking for a queen-sized bed. This option also features a stow-away ottoman.

4. Use a Single-Sized Bed/Chair

Instead of getting a double futon, consider getting a single futon to better use the available small space. For instance, you can make your own DIY futon from a small chair that quickly converts to a single bed. Doing this not only makes the futon much smaller and manageable, but it’s an easy project you can undertake.

5. Take Room Measurements

A queen-size futon is certainly the most comfortable and spacious option available. However, you would need to purchase a queen-size frame that could be too big for your small room. Instead, take measurements of your living room before choosing a futon to avoid space constraints. Your living room will thank you for doing it.


Futons are great pieces of furniture, which can easily stand the test of time, lasting you for years, as long as you look after them well. While choosing the right futon for your small living room can seem like a lengthy process, the tips above will help you find the perfect choice that you and your guests will enjoy.

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