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It goes without saying, whether you are renovating your home or remodeling certain portions, the whole process is bound to create a lot of mess along with an excess of dust and debris. Yet, following a systematic approach can reduce if not completely prevent the accumulation of dirt. Here are some essentials tips to follow in order to keep your home clean while remodeling. Read more to find out.


1. One room at a time

Shortage of time has always been a problem for both homeowners and workers alike. It’s quite understandable that everyone wants to get over with the remodeling as soon as possible. But yet starting off with the work at multiple rooms will only make your home dirtier and the situation beyond your control. Therefore it is always better to start with one room at a time and moving to the next rather than simultaneously working on every room.

2. Remove and Cover your belongings.

This process is part of preparing the space for work. Remove all your personal belongings and everything you don’t want to get dirty before starting with the work. Box them up and store them safely at another place it could be your garage as well. If you have a lot of boxes, you should label them accordingly so that it becomes easier when you have to put things back. Either relocate your furniture to other rooms or cover heavier ones using thick plastic tarps or sheets.

3. Make a pathway and protect the flooring

Make use of polyethylene plastic sheets to cover your floors and carpets. The adhesive property of the sheets allow them to properly stick to the floors and won’t slip around when people walk on it. They work best on tiles and carpets. This is one way to protect your tiles from scratches and dents that are usually caused due to sliding of furniture or even due to moving heavy equipment. Another inexpensive way is to utilize shoes covers. You can get them at your nearby local store. These are of great help to prevent dirty shoe stains from sticking to the surface when you don’t have floor protection.

4. Keeping dusty work outside

If the renovation project has a lot of cutting working involved, it is better to do the job outdoors. Assign a place for your builder to do all cutting related works, provide them with adequate facilities and ask them to dispose waste at a particular place. This helps to keep the other areas from getting dirty as well.

5. Utilize Air Scrubbers and Vacuums

This is a great way to capture airborne dust. All you have to do is replace the filter regularly and blow it outside once it has captured a significant amount of dust. Turn the air scrubber on while you are working. You don’t have to specially buy a new one, you can rent one for a few days. At the end of the day, use a vacuum cleaner instead of just normally cleaning with a broomstick. Vacuum cleaners can suck the accumulated dust and performs a deeper clean.


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