6 Weird Things Good Digital Marketing Agencies Will Never Say to Their Customers

6 Weird Things Good Digital Marketing Agencies Will Never Say to Their Customers

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Google the phrase “digital marketing company,” and you will be bombarded with options. If you start mailing a few of these agencies, you will somehow be contacted by other agencies trying desperately to get your business. Here’s the thing though, Google changes its search algorithm pretty often. That means a lot of these agencies still rely on backdated SEO strategies and hope for a miracle. It usually takes months to figure out if a particular digital marketing strategy is working or not. Therefore, you end up spending time and money on a strategy that was always doomed to fail.

6 Weird Things Good Digital Marketing Agencies Will Never Say to Their Customers 1

That’s all because you picked the wrong digital marketing agency.

Don’t be fooled; there are plenty of great digital marketing companies out there. Ones that constantly update themselves and implement honest SEO strategies and promise realistic results. However, if we go by the numbers, there are significantly more SEO companies that are not geared to deliver anything promising. One way to find the best digital marketing agency for your website is to know how the bad ones behave. This will help you spot a bad agency from a mile away, which in turn would save months of wasted effort and money. Here are 6 weird statements that are only made by bad digital marketing firms.

“We Never Got Time to Focus on Our Own Site”

If a digital marketing company has the secret sauce to success, it will first improve its own rankings. It doesn’t make any sense why they would not do that. Mainly because they are a part of the same race to get more traffic online. If the digital marketing agency’s website has poor traffic or has bad content, that should be an instant deal-breaker.

“We Guarantee First Page Ranking for High-Traffic Keywords at Incredibly Low Prices”

It’s hard to find a good SEO company that “guarantees” anything. Great firms estimate their success potential and then create goals to achieve them. They are usually in the game too long to know that guaranteeing a result is absurd. Rankings and traffic depend on a lot of uncontrollable factors, including what the competitors are doing. Most good digital marketing agencies create long term goals and propose strategies for achieving them.

“Sorry for the Late Reply, But We Were Busy with Our Other Clients”

If the agency doesn’t have time to respond to emails within an acceptable range of time, then it’s best to find a company that respects the importance of quick communication.

“We Have a Backdoor SEO Method to Fool Google’s Search Algorithm”

If you are fortunate, the agency is lying about the “backdoor.” If not, this can lead to some serious trouble. There are more than a few “secret” Black Hat methods that can negatively impact your site’s ranking. Google employs various ways to find unethical ranking strategies. If caught, your site can even be deindexed.

“Social Media Marketing is Overrated”

If the agency says something like this, it simply means they lack any social media game whatsoever. That’s a shame because a good agency can actually help you direct a lot of organic social media traffic to your homepage.

“We Don’t Reveal Our Work History or Client’s Name Because of Confidentiality.”

That simply means we don’t want you to learn about our poor performance record. Most SEO agencies display the name of their clients right on the homepage. If not, they have no qualms about revealing their client’s name, and they often encourage you to get honest reviews from them.

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