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All About Minimonies

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If your folks got married in front of a justice of the peace in 1990, with only their parents and a couple of best friends in attendance, they probably had no idea their small wedding would become a trend three decades later in 2020. Because of the COVID-19 global pandemic and social distancing policies, some couples have decided to host a “minimum” with only a handful of guests in attendance and in a manner that is safe for everyone. For a minimum to go as smoothly as possible, consider the following tips:

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Minimum 101

In most cases, a minimum will include about 10 people. In addition to the bride and groom, the immediate family and a couple/few good friends will be there in-person, while other guests can attend remotely via Skype or Zoom.

Keep Everyone in the Loop

To help communicate your plans for all your friends and family, consider creating your own wedding website. In addition to keeping guests posted on your wedding date, time, and venue, you can announce your video streaming plans, so friends and relatives can watch the ceremony from home. You can also update your website with details about how and when you plan to hold your ceremony once larger and more traditional weddings are once again safe to attend. For the small group who gets to attend your ceremony, a phone call or in-person conversation telling them they’re invited will be the best approach.

Officiant and Vows Suggestions

To help keep the “mini” at a minimum, determine whether one of your guests can officiate your wedding ceremony. Perhaps your mom is an ordained minister, or your best man is licensed to marry people in your state. While you could use a virtual officiant, having someone right there with you will likely be more personal and meaningful. Because a minimum is an inherently more intimate ceremony, consider writing your own vows. Look online for some great ideas and inspiration on how to pen your vows that can be funny, romantic, or a combination of the two.

Consider a Larger Reception

If you’re comfortable with the idea, you could invite a few more local friends and family to attend the reception, as long as social distancing is possible. For instance, if you’re getting married in a church, you could gather in a large meeting hall and still stay far apart. Or, if you’re getting married at the beach or in your backyard, it may be possible for a handful more special people to join you for dinner and cake.

Catering Ideas

Hosting a minimum doesn’t mean skipping tasty food at the reception. With a small number of guests, it might make sense to order takeout from a favorite local restaurant; you could ask one of your guests to dash out and pick it up. You can also call local bakeries to see if anyone is available to create a small wedding cake. Or, if you and/or your fiancé love to cook or bake, you could also prepare a lovely meal for your guests or make a dozen or so cupcakes and some homemade ice cream.

Minimonies Can Still be Maxed Out with Joy

At the end of your special day, you will be married to your best friend, and that’s what matters most. In fact, you might find that planning a minimum is a rather stress-free experience and one that you will recommend to other friends who are tying the knot during these challenging times.

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