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We always get exhausted when it comes to cleaning the house as we are so occupied with our hectic daily routines that we often get time to clean the mess from our homes. Still, we must take utmost care of our homes as otherwise we can get affected by various infections and diseases that can deteriorate our family members’ health. With Amazon as your home services partner, you can offload all your tensions to the company and can just enjoy the affordable home services being offered by the company.

Besides house cleaning, Amazon has expertise in carpet cleaning, lawn mowing, iphone repair, deep cleaning, TV wall mounting, and lawn, garden, or yard maintenance, which is a very time-consuming and tiring process. You can get a complete makeover of your home and enhance your home’s look many folds at the most reasonable prices.

Handyman Services

There are numerous services such as drywall patch filling, leaky faucet repair, wall hanging, window caulking, etc. A pro from Amazon will visit your house according to the pre-decided time and perform the task cleaner and more friendly. Following are the type of services that you can get from Amazon.

  • The pro will bring all the necessary tools with him. ·You will be charged according to the time spent by the technician in your house. For instance, if the pro visiting your home spends on an average 3 hours doing handyman services inside and outside the house, with a requirement of an extension ladder, then you will be supposed to pay $219.22 against the actual price of $239.22 using Amazon coupons whereas 2 hours of Handyman services with cleaning the inside part of the house only will cost approximately $139.48, against the original price of $159.48.
  • Drywall Repair and Patch (up to 7.12 inches) will be $218.02 against the actual price of $238.02. The repairing will be done for up to four drywall holes only, and a second visit might be required for drying and sanding.
  • The Wall hanging service of 1 hour with no ladder required will cost you approximately $80.25 against the actual price of $100.25. On average, it takes about 15 minutes to hang each small item (50 inches or less) and 30 minutes to hang each large item (51 inches or more). Two deliveries will complete the task together, which means 2 hours can be covered by 2 people working together for 1 hour each, or 1 person will work individually for 2 hours. Upon visiting your house, your pro will let you know if any other labor is required or not.
  • You can also get your windows caulked, mention the number of windows, and Amazon will give you an estimated amount you are required to spend. For instance, if you have 3 to 4 windows where you want the old caulk to be eradicated by drying, you are supposed to pay $84.19 against the actual price of $104.19.
  • Also, you can get the leaky faucet repaired at very economical prices. Your pro will disassemble the faucet and inspect the parts; however, replacing the broken parts with the new ones is not included in the package. The service time may vary, but an estimated price is worth $59.70 for this task against the actual cost of $79.70.

There are numerous other services, such as bed and bar stool assembly, deadbolt installation, wall hanging, storage shed assembly, patio bench assembly, and projector lamp replacement, to name a few, where you can enjoy hassle-free replacement or clean at pocket-friendly prices. However, the prices of these services may vary from location to location, and the offer is limited to one customer and account.

House Cleaning Services

Every house has different home cleaning charges, as the number of rooms and sizes differ from home to home. You can avail yourself of various services at Amazon to make your home look clean and keep germs away from your family.

  • Dusting, mopping, and vacuuming all rooms.
  • Trash removal to your outdoor cans.
  • Kitchen counters, floor, and stove cleaning
  • Bathroom vanity, tub, and toilet cleaning
Area of your home in sq ftBathrooms Cost
0- 1000 sq ft1Estimated $78.41
2000- 2500 sq ft2Estimated $144.14
3500- 40000 sq ft4Estimated $249.33

How to schedule an appointment with a technician:

  • After carefully analyzing each plan, select the program that matches your cleaning requirements, and you can easily fix the date to get your home cleaned.
  • After fixing the date, you will receive an email from your home cleaning pro to confirm the appointment date and time, number and size of your rooms, and other details to better understand the pro.
  • If you have any special requests, you are advised to mention them earlier only as some recommendations are not included in the package and might cost you another dollar.
  • If you want to change or cancel any individual appointment, you can do so by directly visiting ‘Your Orders,’ and you will not be charged any kind of penalty for the same. However, the service variations will result in a new cleaner being assigned, but if you want a particular cleaner to clean your house, please mention it to your provider first to confirm.

Pro will bring the required cleaning supplies; you just relax on your couch and watch the cleaner clean your house like a pro.

Lawn, Garden, or Yard Maintenance

Lawns, gardens, and yards are the most important area of your house where you spend quality time with your loved ones and are required to be cleaned on a timely basis to have a comfortable and healthier sitting. Following are the services which are included in the package.

  • Accessing your lawn care or gardening requirements. The pro will provide you lawn mowing, weed or leaf removal, storm clean-up, edging, tree or shrub pruning and trimming (with a maximum tree height of 20 ft), flower bed and garden clean-up, and planting flowers or shrubs being provided you.
  • Mowing, weeding, gardening, or cleaning as needed; bagging and disposing of the yard waste at your residence.
  • However, the package does not include lawn care or gardening materials. If you wish particular flowers or shrubs to be planted in your garden, you have to purchase those items before your pro arrives to do the task.

Taking care of the lawn is a bit of a time-consuming task that requires proper knowledge of mowing, gardening, or tree planting with appropriate tools and equipment, so let service partner- Amazon do the job by giving you an experienced pro whichwho make your garden cleaner and greener. In addition to the home mentioned above services, numerous other places in your home must be kept clean to prevent allergies and germs. Amazon also offers deep cleaning, gutter cleaning, smart home services, assembly of various items, computer & electronic replacement, services, etc., where an experienced involvement is required. Also, you can get $15 off on the move-out cleaning service. Make your life more relaxed and happy with these amazing home & business services from Amazon and give your living paradise a cleaner and refreshed look; after all, when your home is clean, you feel healthy and motivated.

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