Busting the Most Common Myths about an Armored Vehicle

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Armored vehicles have seen tremendous progress over the last decade. These vehicles experience a surging demand from the people, from the bulky designs to lighter weight and modernized designs. The security trend, which was earlier restricted to elite government professionals, military personnel, and famous celebrities, seems to break its barrier and make its way in the business class minds.

Armored Vehicle

With extraordinary features like bullet-resistant windows, armor plate bodies, run-flat tires, powerful engines, automatic fire extinguishers, explosion-resistant fuel tank, CCTV vehicle camera systems, there seems no limit to the benefits that the owner or passenger of an armored vehicle enjoys.

However, despite the easy accessibility to armored cars these days, the general public is still full of misconceptions about certain aspects. Let us go ahead and discuss the most commonly believed myths by people and get to know the reality.

#1 – Bulletproof and armored car is no different

This is the most widely pervading myth around armored vehicles around the world. People often consider these two different types of cars the same; however, they are definitely not the same. Bulletproof cars are bullet-resistant and resist all types of gunshot attacks. On the other hand, armored cars are the real bulletproof cars with enhanced hidden ammunition features to launch a counterattack in case the need arises.

#2 – Armored vehicles are only meant for the elite class

While it is true that the armored vehicles were introduced to provide security and privacy to the official dignitaries, it is not so anymore. Armored vehicles are not restricted to high-class people and are now commonly used by less influential people. Considering the levels of risk factors in everyday life, businessmen have also resorted to these super protective vehicles to travel on the road or move their precious possessions like cash, jewelry, etc., from one place to another. There is no doubt why a lot of people are seen applying for armored car licenses these days.

#3 – Dismantling the original vehicle

People often step back, armoring their existing vehicles, thinking that their original ones will be deconstructed completely. Although this is true to some extent, I don’t think it will disfigure your existing vehicle. Your vehicle will be torn down only to get reinforced with ballistic steel and bulletproof glass. It will be your same old car having additional safety and security features.

#4 – Difficulties in operating windows

The myth game continues. This is another big confusion in people’s minds who haven’t known the beauty of armored cars till yet. They think that an armored vehicle’s windows cannot be opened, and you have to either be in the air conditioner inside or suffocate to death for not getting to open the windows. All this is completely made up. The windows of VIP armored vehicles can actually be pulled up or down without any issues. It is just for the security purpose that the passengers limit the use of the windows.

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