Avail 50% Cashback via Amazon Pay when you pay for your DTH Recharges

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Amazon India never fails to surprise its customers with the amazing cashback and discount offers it provides. Yet again, the e-commerce behemoth has come up with an exciting offer on DTH recharge. One stands at receiving 50% cashback on all DTH (Direct to Home) recharges done via Amazon pay. This offer is valid until 31st May 2018, and both new wells and existing customers can avail of this attractive offer. The maximum cashback the customers will receive is capped at Rs 100 per customer, and users can pay through any medium. This cashback would be given to customers in the form of Amazon gift cards, which can be used via Amazon pay, and the cashback would get reflected in the Amazon pay account within 3 days from the recharge payment date. There are six major television operators to choose from for the DTH recharges, which have been mentioned below, and one can avail of Amazon pay offers on the same.

1. Reliance Digital TV

Reliance digital TV is one of the most renowned and great digital operators belonging to Reliance Industries. Reliance TV provides over 300+ channels and some exclusive cinema channels for TV lovers. Reliance Digital TV gives crystal clear pictures and a theatre-like digital sound environment. There are various flexible offers by Reliance to choose from.

Offers for Reliance Digital DTH

Offer PlanRecharge Amount
Bronze packRs 270
Silver packRs 300
Silver sports packRs 350
Gold packRs 390
Platinum packRs 430
Max HD packRs 550
Value packRs 210(only for South India)
Value sports packRs 250(only for South India)
Bronze packRs 250(only for South India)
Bronze sports packRs 280(only for South India)
Silver sports packRs 340(only for South India)
Gold packRs 390(only for South India)
Platinum packRs 430(only for South India)
Max HD packRs 550 (only for South India)

2. Dish TV

The dish is synonymous with Digital TVs and is one of the largest leaders in DTH recharges. It is the largest DTH provider in India, with over 10 crore viewers. Dish TV provides 5 times picture clarity with HD, a recording feature with a set-top box, and many offers and easy recharge options to choose from. DISH also has an excellent 24*7 customer care support system.

Offers for Dish DTH

Offer Plan Recharge Amount
Bharat packRs 100
Swagat packRs 169
Superfamily packRs 250
Maxi sports packRs 290
All Sports packRS 330
World packRs 380
South Platinum sports packRs 490
Titanium packRs 475
Joy packRs 100(only for South India)
Jumbo family packRs 190(only for South India)
Family sports packRs 215(only for South India)
All sports packRs 240(only for South India)
World packRs 325(only for South India)
Platinum sports packRs 415(only for South India)
South Platinum packRs 100(only for South India)
Punjabi Tadka packRs 85 (only for Punjab)

3. Tata Sky

Tata Sky is also another major DTH provider in the country. The first DTH provider brought customized packages, ala carte channels, interactive services, programming guides, VOD and DIY video library, and PVR (Personal Video Recorder) technology and rewind live TV. You can also find Tata Sky games, Vedic maths, comedy, fitness, and dance studio. Tata Sky has around 17 million customers and offers a wide range of offers for recharges.

Offers for TATA Sky

Offer PlanRecharge Amount
Dhamaka 199 packRs 199
Dhamaal Mix packRs 299
Dhamaal kids packRs 350
Dhamaal English PackRs 399
Sports Dhamaka packRs 399
Bumper packRs 425
Ultra PackRs 560
My 99 packRs 99
South Special packRs 229(only for South India)
South special bumper packRs 290(only for South India)

4. Airtel Digital TV

Another popular DTH provider in the market is Airtel digital TV. The uniqueness of Airtel digital TV is a free DTH installation and also 30-day free subscription. Airtel digital TV provides over 500+ SD and HD channels, and users also can record their favorite serials and movies and view them later on. Airtel digital tv is offering some great pocket-friendly DTH plans asunder.

Offers for Airtel Digital DTH

Offer PlanRecharge Amount
My plan 99Rs 99
My plan 199 superRs 199
My project 199 magic HDRs 292
My project 199 royal HDRs 269
My plan 199 max HDRS 424
Value prime kidsRs 299
Value prime magic HDRs 393
Value prime Royal HDRs 470
Value prime max HDRs 525
My familyRs 426
Infinity sportsRs 399
Infinity sports HDRs 499
New MegaRs 477
Value prime kidsRs 309 (only for Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Jaipur)
My familyRs 426(only for Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Jaipur)
Infinity sportsRs 409(only for Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Jaipur)
Freedom entertainmentRs 198 (only for Gujarat, Jalandhar, Ludhiana)
Freedom entertainment HDRs 291 (only for Gujarat, Jalandhar, Ludhiana)
Freedom sports and kidsRs 299 (only for Gujarat, Jalandhar, Ludhiana)
Freedom sports and kids HDRs 426 (only for Gujarat, Jalandhar, Ludhiana)
Freedom All in OneRs 451 (only for Gujarat, Jalandhar, Ludhiana)
Freedom All in One HDRs 700 (only for Gujarat, Jalandhar, Ludhiana)

5. Videocon D2H Digital TV

Videocon is another popular DTH provider for enhancing your TV viewing experience. Videocon digital TV comes with great technological innovations such as wireless DTH headphones, Radiofrequency DTH remote, and India’s first 4K ultra HD channel. Videocon digital TV d2h currently has around 19 million active subscribers, offering around 650 media and services. Videocon also provides smart services, which include smart English and smart games on a subscription basis. There are some great attractive offers given by Videocon to choose from.

Offers for Videocon DTH

Offer PlanRecharge Amount
Flexi packRs 84
Popular packRs 169
Good lite packRs 182
Super gold packRs 242
Gold maxi packRs 267
Gold kids packRs 288
New gold sports packRs 322
Gold sports kids packRs 369
New diamond packRs 381
Platinum packRs 445
Platinum HD packRs 576
Super gold packRs 250 (only for Delhi/NCR)
Gold maxi packRs 275 (only for Delhi/NCR)
Gold kids packRs 295 (only for Delhi/NCR)
New gold sports packRs 331 (only for Delhi/NCR)
Gold sports kids packRs 377 (only for Delhi/NCR)
New diamond packRs 390 (only for Delhi/NCR)
Platinum packRs 453 (only for Delhi/NCR)
Platinum HD packRs 585 (only for Delhi/NCR)
South silver lite packRs 174 (only for the south)
South gold lite packRs 182 (only for the south)
South silver packRs 199 (only for the south)
South silver maxi packRs 295 (only for the south)
South gold packRs 242 (only for the south)
South silver sports packRs 250 (only for the south)
South gold maxi packRs 267 (only for the south)
South gold kids packRs 288 (only for the south)
New south gold sports packRs 322(only for the south)
South gold sports kids packRs 369 (only for the south)
South diamond packRs 381 (only for the south)
South platinum packRs 445 (only for the south)
South Platinum HD packRs 576 (only for the south)

6.) Sun Direct

SUN Direct DTH is another great DTH provider which provides 5 times better picture clarity than other DTH service providers. It offers 5 times sharper HD picture quality and high definition 5.1 Dolby digital sound. Customers can choose from a wide range of HD prime, HD supreme, HD ultra, and SD channels. SUN Direct TV also offers many add-on features at very cheap rates and ala carte options in various languages. There are multiple packs and offers of SUN direct available on Amazon.

Offers for Sun Direct DTH

Offer PlanRecharge Amount
Value packRs 260
Value plus packRs 379
MegapackRs 379
Value packRs 209 (only for South India)
Kushi packRs 219 (only for South India)
Cinema+sports packRs 259 (only for South India)
Super value packRs 289 (only for South India)
World packRs 309 (only for South India)
MegapackRs 379 (only for South India)

Important Terms & Conditions about the DTH 50% cashback offer:

  • This offer will be valid only on recharges done at the Amazon India website or the Amazon app.
  • There is no minimum or maximum amount for recharging; however, the full recharge user will receive per recharge is capped to a maximum of Rs 100.
  • This offer will apply to all the above-listed DTH operators.
  • If the customer avails of any other DTH discounts, this offer will not be available.
  • The cashback will be available only in gift cards that are redeemable by using an Amazon pay account only.
  • The offer is valid from 1st to 31st May 2018 only. Any transactions after this date will not get counted under the proposal.
  • The cashback will get reflected in the customer’s Amazon pay account within 3 days from the day of the transaction.

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