Basic Types of Piercing Body Jewelry

Basic Types of Piercing Body Jewelry

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Body piercing is a thrilling experience. It the most ancient, as well as, contemporary practice for ornamenting humans. If you are also looking to get a new piercing, or want to gift body jewelry to a friend with piercings, a basic knowledge of different types of body piercing jewelry is a must. Whether you’re considering getting a helix or you want to gift it to someone close to you with stretched lobes, knowing how body jewelry is classified can be very helpful. When it comes to body jewelry, you might get baffled with references to gauges, inches, millimeters and what’s the wearable.


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Shopping for body jewelry involves many considerations, like the size of the plugs in the ear, or finding the suitable material. First, you need to know about the different styles of piercing jewelry, such as ball closure rings, barbells, and bananabells, stretching jewelry and hardcore piercing jewelry. You need to find body jewelry which is of the right size and gauge for your piercings.

‘Gauge’ is the thickness of a piece of piercing jewelry, which can be measured in millimeters, fractions of an inch or using Wire Gauge. Moreover, the size of body jewelry also refers to the length of bars and diameter of rings such as ball closure rings. Here is a detailed look at different types of body piercing and body jewelry worn on.

  • Plugs

Plugs are for people who want their earlobes to be stretched. If you have a friend who wears big round things in their ears, you might think of gifting plugs, gauges, tunnels. For stretched earlobes, you will need the number, like an 8 gauge, which is the measurement. This means you have to shop jewelry by type, gauge, material, and price.

Plugs are available in different materials, like glass, wood, and stone. Usually, the glass and stone ones are most attractive and affordable that doesn’t cause any reactions. Some people develop an allergy or reaction to certain alloy metals or wooden plugs.

  • Labrets

The piercing around the lips which penetrates from the inside of the mouth to the outside is known as a labret piercing. For shopping labrets also you need to know the gauge and wearable. Normally, the gauge is either 14g or 16g, and wearable tends to be either 5/16ths or 3/8ths.

  • Belly Button/Navel Rings

A pierced belly button has been around for centuries. Naval rings or Bananabells, or Belly rings come in various designs like hoops and loops, studs, barbells and more. The most common navels measurement is found to be 14g and 3/8ths of an inch or 10mm.

  • Nostrils and Septum

Nose piercings are the most common piercing and are classified according to the position of the piercing hole. Nostril and septum nose piercings are the most popular. Nose rings are a type of nose jewelry worn either through the septum, or one side of the nose. Septums, the one in the middle of the nose tend to be either 14g or 16g for gauge and 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch or 5/16ths inch for the wearable. It is possible to punch or stretch the septum to a larger size. You can get “clickers” as they are simple to wear and looks stunning.

Nostril piercings are on the side of the nose. Nostril jewelry comes in four types: Bones, screws, hoops, and rings. For buying a perfect one, again you need to know the gauge and wearable. Most common gauge includes 20g or 18g, but 16g and 14g and wearable is either length (For screws and bones) or diameter (For rings and hoops).

Body piercing has emerged as the latest trend and people are adopting it to enhance their appearance, as well as, to express themselves. However, whether you are going to buy body jewelry online for yourself or to gift anyone, finding the correct piece matching the piercing specifications is a must.


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