How to be a better Hunter using Modern Technology

How to be a better Hunter using Modern Technology

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Have new-school hunters lost their skills? Or are they actually becoming better? Well, you still need fine instincts, but some of the modern technology out there helps you become more precise and really get a bang for your buck. And an essential hunting skill is the ability to always adapt to your environment, which now equals employing technology. Don’t know exactly how to do that? Read on.

Improve your bow game

Bows have long been considered a crude weapon for those who can’t invest in a reliable firearm. But the truth is there’s nothing crude about bows, they even feed a sense of primeval mastery of weapons, so they’re a delight to try.

And since technological advancement has improved the ability to hit the target with a bow and the speed an arrow needs to get to the bullseye, it’s definitely a better experience. So with light arrows with solid tips that can penetrate flesh and bones, along with amazing scopes and treestands, bow hunting has never been better.

Use amazing optics

There are tons of optics that can help you get a better start to make more accurate shots. For instance, sights don’t need an iron co-witness now, so you can get precise distances in a matter of seconds. That will help you lock on a target and hit it way faster than you would before, so you don’t have to spend hours at a time in the bleak, humid, cold wilderness to do that.

Sights and scopes are always improving, using a bigger magnification so you can see more precise details while at the same time rendering a bigger field of view. The lens clarity is a huge improvement, too, since now you can see crisp images in seconds.

Don’t forget the rangefinders, which are so awesome in giving out precise distances to your target. You won’t have to use estimates anymore, which means you can be faster and more accurate.

Night vision is another piece of modern technology you should be using since so many animals go out at night. With a reliable laser rangefinder, you can see even when it’s pitch black and get that trophy leopard or varmint you’re after.


Get a better camouflage.

Scent control is a real technological improvement you should definitely be using when you’re hunting. For one, the visual patterns don’t just rely on the color pallet used; they actually mimic the natural setting very precisely so you can’t be spotted by your game.

Odor-proofing your equipment is another plus since there are so many sprays and clothes that can now hide your scent when you’re outdoors. So if you can actually wear gear or set up a tent that can completely hide your smell, you have increased chances of infiltrating yourself among the game you’re trying to catch.

Use topographic maps

With Google Earth available to anyone, no one stops you from analyzing different landforms so you can get a better idea of where your game might be. If you have a place with many funnels, you’ll know that’s a perfect shelter for dear, but the same goes for field corners.

If you’re after the winged game, most waterfowl will love river turns as a great cover for their night sleep. And varmint is always seeking shelter in caves or between timber blocks, so those are great places to start hunting.

Topographic maps as shown on Google Earth are a great improvement to the regular topographic maps. Firstly, they’re more accurate because they’re recent and updated, so you have more chances of going to the right place. You can also enhance a certain image to see better details since we all know that visibility is an issue for the regular maps.

However, you should compare these aerial photos to an actual topographic map. That’s so you can pick the best hunting location because some abrupt landforms can’t be quite seen on your laptop.

Get online maps

Since most states have hunting maps that can be downloaded to your phone, you don’t need to carry an actual map with you. And these maps have the same advantages of accuracy with their constant updates and ability to magnify certain details like zooming to see the preferred trail of your game.

That means you have an exact understanding of where the hunting ground ends because you’ll see where the borders are. You’ll also see plenty of the facilities and amenities like parking spots, food stores, and roads.

Use the apps

With all the hunting apps you can use, your knowledge, skill, and accuracy will definitely gain. Even Google Earth has an app, so the aerial photos you’re getting can actually give your specific location, too, so you can orient yourself better. But other mapping apps can help you in that regard too, so it’s great to use them along with your GPS.

Other apps will take the uncertainty out of the weather, too, because you’re getting all the necessary alerts and warnings, with the most reliable, recent updates possible. You’ll also get all the info you need about terrain difficulties and your route.

The GPS apps are amazing, too, since they can offer you very detailed topographic maps as well as record your preferred routes, letting you know what distance you’ve walked. You’ll also have obvious borders and property lines, so you’re never breaking the law.

Get a trail camera

If you want to monitor your game, there’s nothing like this little gadget. For instance, you can set it up on your property and get the exact number of coyotes paying you moonlight visits. So in a couple of days, you’ll have precise info about how many they are and what they’re doing.

Besides, these cameras are very compact and light, plus they have great optics for high-resolution pictures and videos. And you can also use a smart camera to receive notifications when one of the animals gets too close, not to mention that you can use them for surveillance against robbers.

With that in mind, what state-of-the-art technological feat will you be using on your next hunting trip? What gadgets have you used so far? Don’t be shy; leave a comment below.

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