Which Blog To Blog ? Find Out Your Answer Here

Which Blog To Blog ? Find Out Your Answer Here

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Bloggers today are in need for blog posting to show something they have in their heart, mind. Something unique they want to share to the world. An individual who is so happy because he has got a new I phone from his dad on his birthday or a BMW Suv. He is so excited filled with happiness that he wants to share with his friends. He updates a status on his Face book wall and gets 200 to 300 likes. Now the individual is married and is living a happy life with his wife and kids. One day in his office he was thinking that he has achieved so much in life by means of money, comfort, love of his old limited friends, wife and kids. With age he has so much of experience in his life. But now he is keep on stressing in his free time that he must share his life experiences with the people that they must know something. What could be so special happened in his life that he is so stressed to share with the people all over the world. He decides finally to purchase a domain from Go Daddy and link it with his new blog. A blog which would be written by the individual. He would share everything happened throughout his life in such a way that people should not close their eyes while reading. The stuff should not be boring. He started pre writing on a piece of paper and wrote in such a way that reality comes in from of people when they read the posts.

Now the question is which could be the best blogging platform for writing beautiful blogs. One thing first comes in the analytical minds is that people choose Google for everything. Things have been changing now and we can’t be dependent on Google all the time. Various differentiated companies have come up now in the market which sometime provide services that even Google cannot provide. Although Google has remained an all rounder from many years. Other companies are struggling and working hard to take one step bigger than Google. Various blogging platforms you can choose could be from the following:-


  • Silverback – Your Own Brand
  • Postach.Io – An Evernote Powered Platform for Blogging
  • Roon – An easiest way to blog
  • Postagon – A Zen Garden for Blogging
  • Ghost – Just a Blogging Platform
  • PostHaven
  • Jux – Simply the Best showcase for You
  • Medium
  • Svbtle

The total cost of Silverback is $30.01 Per Year and $50 as regular pricing with 14 days of free trial. Postach offers free service for basic version. If you want to go premium then it charges only 4.98 monthly. You need evernote account if you want to go for Postach.io. Popular blogger service is absolutely free. There are no basic or premium editions for writing. It free of cost. Another platform Roon is free if you have any current domain using Roon as a sub domain. And then for using custom domain its only $12 per year.