The Broad Purposes of Landscape Design

The Broad Purposes of Landscape Design

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Landscape design can be extremely difficult to determine – especially considering the wide variety of situations that landscape designing can be applicable to. Landscape design does involve a host of different things, and at the most basic level, landscape design serves nature. Most landscape designers include concepts related to sustainability and natural preservation. Landscape design has been used with issues like proper drainage, preventing soil erosion, and creating an outdoor aesthetic that will last the test of time. Landscape design, thus, allows you to be able to have ecologically friendly designs in your own garden.

Another purpose that landscape design serves is that it bridges the gap between nature and culture – or between man and nature. Several nature artists, or landscape designers, talk about blending manmade buildings in with the natural setting, or combining technology with nature. Some landscape designers focus on nature, while combining certain artificial, man-made elements into the landscape. However, some others see landscape designing as a tool to promote the beauty of man-made architecture, and will promote man-made buildings in their designs. Thus, landscape designs can be used either to promote the beauty and importance of nature, and can be used to complement nature with man-made buildings – and can be used to promote culture as well, and can be used to highlight the coming importance of the man-made elements in the design.

However, some designers tend to focus on the client’s needs, and will design the landscape with the client’s vision in mind, and will emphasize the practical benefits as well, incorporating a sense of practicality into the overarching design. For example, including an area for children or for entertainment, and including certain seating places will create a soothing atmosphere, and is objectively useful as well. Certain landscape designers use their design to speak to the audience as well, and focus on the importance of evoking an emotional response with their designs and projects.

Finally, some landscape designers use their designs to serve a religious, or a spiritual purpose. Certain designers use their designs to help bring out the “spirituality” of a place that is already present, to create a landscape that seems like it has occurred naturally, and is innately belonging to the terrain. In this way, certain landscape designers and site engineers have created gardens and areas that serve as sanctuaries, as places of meditation – places that are inherently spiritual. Thus, landscape designing can be used to create a ‘natural’ retreat from the stresses of the world, and can be used to provide sanctuary.

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