Building your dream horse ranch

Building your dream horse ranch

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The process of building the ranch of your dreams is not so different from that of building a house because, just like any new construction, there are requirements to have the building in shape. That being said, your horse ranch will house both your human and equine family – both families require different features for their living quarters. In making a home, there’s a need to identify the land to know what kind of structures to build according to that area’s environmental requirement, and the soil type will help design the drainage system. A budget and a time frame are also useful in putting up a house to avoid a change of plan and misappropriation of funds. Building a horse ranch is like achieving a lifelong dream; it requires time and money to see it to completion. We will look at the process necessary in building a ranch.

Carry on a feasibility study

Doing this will help determine if the land you intend to build the ranch is suitable for horse habitation. It will make the rancher know if the local government in the area allows such projects to know where to put the septic tanks and understand the water and irrigation rights. Knowing the type of soil is necessary to plan adequately on what to do if it is soil with low drainage capability, which will cease constant flooding. A prior visit to the site will also make the rancher know if there are setbacks preventing operations from taking shapes like roads passing through the land, riparian land, and property lines. Doing this will also help determine if the animals’ safety is guaranteed and free from persistent disease infestation.

Design the structure of the ranch

Having a design before starting the building will give a rancher insight into what they desire to put up. The perfect designer looks for an architect or engineer to help bring out the perfect picture to give the horses a safe, comfortable home. Make sure to give room for future adjustments and bring in a new feature in the design. Try to build a bigger ranch with more ranch stalls that will accommodate the increasing number of horses if the family multiplies or introduces the new breed into the ranch. Also, let the horse stalls give enough space for lying down, turning around, and moving with ease. Don’t forget to include a wash bay that the horses will be using to shower; the shower area should be in an easily accessible place, not near the feeding and resting areas. Let the floor be strong for durability to prevent regular repairs, and it should also have a good grip. The design should also include a drainage system in the wash bay and feeding area so that when cleaning, there will be no standing water or flooding when it rains and allow for good air circulation and lights.

Choose a contractor

Given that building this ranching, it is wise to work with contractors who understand their work and deliver high-quality service. Ask around to know whose work is good, look at their experience in building such structures, and ask them to prove their work. Also, let the contractor be licensed to operate and with an insurance cover to give them the liability if their workers get hurt while at the construction site, which will incur unnecessary expenses. A good contractor will also help choose the best building materials and give an estimated cost of building together with advice on planning the site and being available if need be for any corrections of their work.

Budget and plan accordingly.

Budgeting is the most crucial part of the building process because it’s through the budget that the desired building will be. If you under quote, the building might stall if there’s no other source of financing. The budget includes everything from the contractor’s cost to building, from the arena footing to the roof. If working on a tight budget, consider doing the building in phases, but if the finances are adequate to plan the account properly, avoid skipping a step and getting inconveniences. Budget for the fence, water, and electricity on the ranch. After getting this, go to the main building budgeting and do this from the foundation to the roofing. Budgeting is essential because it helps in knowing the construction cost and the materials. Don’t forget to include the miscellaneous fee for other expenses that will arise along the construction process.

Construct the building

After designing and budgeting, put everything into action by letting the contractor do their work. Construction will take different times according to the shape and design of the ranch building. Let the contractor work with the format provided by the ranch owner. If the system includes small rooms, the building should be big and numerous rooms, then let it be in the building. Ensure that the building materials are of high quality to enable the building to last, and also, they should be safe for use by both human beings and animals. The arena footing should be made of strong, durable materials and be of about three layers and be around 2-4 inches deep to allow for smooth drainage and help control the horse speed of jumping.

Ensure that the arena footing is not too loose, slippery, coarse, and not because of recurring problems. Choose between sand, wood, and dirt footing when laying the base in making the walls lets them support the roof’s weight and be strong to bear all weather conditions. When doing the roof, consider using clay roof tiles because they last longer and can withstand adverse climatic conditions. In case a rancher has no intention of renovating the ranch’s roofing in the future, it is advisable to use clay roof tiles because they are durable and have a low maintenance cost.

If a person follows the above process when building up a horse ranch, they will get satisfying results with the desired ranch design. With a good feasibility study knowing the type of structure design, materials to use, and the kind of contractor to use becomes easy. Having the right contractor will also help you plan and budget and know how long the construction will cost.

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