Bunk Bed Safety – Tips for Parents and Kids on How to Use Bunk and Loft Beds Safely

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Having a bunk bed for your children is extremely useful because bunk beds provide extra space in your room and can become fun for your children to play with. Similarly, loft beds, too, can be extremely aesthetically pleasing, can make the room seem spacious, and can be fun for your children. However, bunk beds – and loft beds – can be a little risky. Falling from the top bunk is a common injury among children, which means that it would be wise to follow a few safety tips to ensure that your child remains safe at night.

If your child is on the top bunk, make sure you get a mattress that fits perfectly. Get the mattress sized so that it becomes a perfect fit. While looking for mattresses, try to avoid mattresses that are more than eight inches thick. This is because the guardrail on the top bunk can accommodate mattresses of a certain thickness; if the mattress is too thick, your child can roll off the mattress and fall off the bunk bed at night. Ensure that your guardrails are well installed and that there are guardrails on all sides of the bed. Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure that a child under the age of five does not sleep on the top bunk. This is because younger children tend to be clumsy and have a higher chance of slipping off the ladder and falling to the floor or falling from the top bunk. Make sure that your children use the ladder to climb to the top bunk. This is because certain bunk beds are designed with structures on the side, which children may attempt to climb. Ensure that your children know to use the ladder only while climbing to the top.


When you get the bunk bed installed in your home, make sure the bunk beds are right against the wall so that your child won’t get trapped between the bed and the wall. Furthermore, ensure that the guardrails and the ladder are well installed and are secure in place. Ensure that there is nothing on the side of the bed that your child can grab or hang on to – this is extremely risky and can result in your child getting seriously injured.

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