Business Etiquette in London

Business Etiquette in London

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Did you know that London generates more than a fifth (22%) of the total economy of the UK? This was revealed by a recent report by the London Councils. London’s economy alone is equivalent to the economy of the entire country of Sweden. No wonder London is a hub for businessmen from all over the world. With an abundance of meeting venues in Heathrow, it is a good idea for foreign businessmen to stay at a hotel near Heathrow Terminal 5 for close proximity to such venues. That being said, it is essential that you do not fly to London without doing some research about the business atmosphere. Knowing certain variations and protocols can take you a long way in winning over a potential client.

Staying Close to the Airport

If you are flying in to Heathrow Airport, it is a good idea to stay at a hotel near Heathrow Terminal 5. Hotels in this area are conveniently located so that you have access to transport to all parts of the city, while Central London is only 15 minutes away by Heathrow Express. This busy airport also has all the amenities you need to relax, including shopping centres, restaurants and places of entertainment. Book a hotel that offers the best conference venues in Heathrow, such as Master Robert Hotel, for affordable accommodation and access to all the necessary amenities.

Business Attire

Make sure that you are formally dressed while doing business in the UK. Men generally stick to solid or pin striped suits in shades of grey, black or navy blue. Ties need to be either in solid colours or printed, since stripes are not the preferred choice for London based businessmen. Also, shirts of a solid colour must not have a pocket, since it can convey a disinterested attitude. Socks need to be of the same color as your trousers and only laced shoes will work. Women are generally seen wearing suits, pants or skirts. They need to strive to look conservative rather than playing with bold colours. Women, however, have the liberty to wear a dress accompanied by a formal jacket. But avoid excessive jewellery and makeup. Similar to men, women too must stick to greys, blacks and blues. Hosiery should be of a neutral and solid colour, rather than mesh or patterned.

While Conducting Business

Protocol demands that you address any possible client as Mr, Mrs or Miss while talking to them at all times. You can, however, use their first names if they give you permission to do so. Most businessmen give their first names when they are pleased with a business partner or client. Exchanging business cards is also part of the business culture at the time of the first meeting. It is essential to know that the business card must not be placed in your wallet or back pocket. Instead, carry a card case or put it inside your suit pocket. When meeting somebody, always reach out to shake their hand. In the case of women, wait for them to make the first move or simply nod to them in case they do not want to shake hands.

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