To Buy or not to Buy – That is the Question

To Buy or not to Buy – That is the Question

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Being an online store owner, you know that your main goal is to sell more products and get more revenue. There are many different techniques to make the shopping experience seamless for your customers. But at first you should get to know your potential clients better.


To buy or not to buy

This question your Magento store users ask every time they add something to their shopping cart. To make them give a positive answer, you should understand which things are important to them: relevant shipping information, no page reloads, fast checkout, user friendliness or everything combined.

There are some actionable ways to get this information.

Google Analytics

There are many ready reports that can give you valuable information on the users behavior.

Bounce rate shows percentage of people who left a particular page. The higher bounce rate is, the more you should thing how to improve that page.

Pages per session metric can show you how many pages a user sees per his visit. The more pages he loads, the more interested he is.

Technology. That is where you can find out which tools and browsers your clients use to reach your site. It’s advisable that your Magento shop should be properly displayed on all devices and dimensions.

Geolocation reports can give a clue about countries and languages of your clients. Here you can find out which countries bring you more traffic and conversions.

Split Test

Split tests, or AB tests are created to compare 2 or more pages to understand which one performs better and brings you more sales.

There are plenty things to test:

– Titles, sub-titles;

– Product description;

– Images;

– Forms, etc.

No matter which results you get, split tests give you valuable info on users’ behavior and preferences. You can use that info to optimize you product or landing pages.

Direct Feedback

All the types of the user information mentioned above are collected indirectly. They are useful but still need certain knowledge and analytical skills to interpret them correctly.

But you can also add a feedback form to your Magento store to collect information from your visitors directly. You can create a survey on your store usability or ask a leaving user why he is going to leave without a purchase. Remember to give something valuable for completing a survey: a coupon code, gift, etc.

After collecting relevant information from all the available sources, you can analyze it and create a plan how to make your store more user-friendly. Remember that there is always room for improvement!