Cisdem Contacts and how it can help you get organized

Cisdem Contacts and how it can help you get organized

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The word Mac summons an idea to our minds along with a crystal clear image. It summons an air of professionalism along with the class. This top of the line machine has kept developing and Apple has always intended for it to stand out. The majority of apps that are released are compatible with the Mac and take advantage of its advanced specs.

A new app that has come out of it is the Cisdem Contacts Mate 3. This app has been in the pipeline being perfect for a while, but now it is out. Like the name might give away, it is a contact manager and is meant to help you get a handle on all those important contacts that keep accumulating on your device. The OSX contacts can finally be stored, organized and used according to your convenience.

A quick look at the software reveals its intuitive UI. It is quite easy to use and simple hopping and hovering will get you where you want to go. There are quite a few pleasing aspects that are offered:

• Effective Contact Organization

The intuitive use of the UI ensures that you can input your contacts quickly and easily. You can organize them into groups and classify them into lists. These lists can be exported into different formats so that they feel right at home in your different devices.

• Contact Groups

A nifty feature allows you to mix and match your contacts into groups according to your convenience. Keep your party contacts away from your academic ones. You can make an unlimited number of groups and don’t have to get hassled about conflicting names and overflowing lists. Don’t let a lack of organization stop you from finding new friends.

• Search feature

An important but overlooked option is now available. Make sure you name your contacts distinctively so you remember them!

• A fix for the sorting issue

Your contacts are now organized alphabetically, as they should be.

• Important Fixes and Improvements

The contacts sync automatically with the Mac address book. Increased speed is always good news. Increased options are available while saving contacts. Save all the details you may require like address, email, Twitter ID and so on.

The outputs that are supported are HTML, Excel, CSV, vCard. Mac OS X and are supported on the OS side.

The irritating part of contacts is the duplicate or useless contact aspect. Now you can merge duplicate contacts easily. The software automatically detects two usernames under one number and displays them together. You can merge, remove or delete unwanted contacts quickly and easily.


· You can easily fix and merge duplicate contacts.

· Doesn’t take a lot of space on the system. It is easy on the RAM.


· The app sometimes freezes up and becomes unresponsive which is annoying to say the least and should be fixed in the next update.

All in all, Cisdem Contacts Mate 3 is a detailed and effective tool for managing your contacts and keeping track of their distinctions. And now it is on sale with 20% off, only $15.99, you can get it.

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