Civil Marriage: Tips

Civil Marriage: Tips

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Whether you’ve decided to marry as a religious or a civilian, there are some steps to carry out the ceremony on the appointed date. The main difference between a religious marriage and a civil ceremony is that a religious ceremony is about being wed in the eyes of God, and a civil ceremony is about being wed in the eyes of the law.

If you’re considering a civil ceremony, here are some tips that every couple should know for the marriage.

Saving Time:

Using a notary for your civil marriage helps you to save time. The processes of civil ceremonies are a lot faster than courthouses. A notary civil marriage celebrant can officiate your marriage in a shorter time frame. You can set a date and get married in a few weeks. This is one of the reasons for the people who want to get married right away.


At the Courthouse, the ceremony cannot be personalized. But in the notary, you can personalize your ceremony. Sometimes they offer you the celebration room included in the package as well.

The choice of the notary

The theory is that all notaries can celebrate civil marriages, but many of them have a busy schedule and will not even give you an appointment. The ideal is to look for younger notaries who have been active for a short time and do not have much work overload.

If you do not have any trusted notary, you can search online for the notaries around you. For example, if you live in Quebec, you can search for “marriage civil” and find your desirable notary that corresponds to your locality and ask them for help. Check all the documents you need to prepare, the matrimonial file. Once this is done, you will be given an appointment to celebrate the wedding. The days and hours of celebration will depend on the notary you have chosen.

Conclusion: Registration of Marriage

The notary will be responsible for immediately sending the Marriage Certificate to the corresponding Civil Registry. The latter will be the one who will give you once the marriage is registered. Of course, one of the Marriage Certificate copies will be delivered by the notary at the end of the wedding. Some have enabled a few days and a few hours where they perform the ceremonies, and others are more flexible and adapt to the wishes of the couple. Remember, the notary is essential for a civil marriage to make it legally stronger.

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