Use Contrast To Create Visual Hierarchy Of Contents And Attract Readers

Use Contrast To Create Visual Hierarchy Of Contents And Attract Readers

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Effective web design aim at seamless communication and visual hierarchy play an important role for the same. It is important for any website to attract the attention of target audience. Content and images used in the website needs to be organized and prioritized to communicate the message effectively. The hierarchy of different elements of designing and contents guides user through the website. Emphasizing on all the elements in the website might give it a cluttered look and distract the readers. Ensure that graphic elements and contents used in the website do not compete for attention. The visual cues help readers to follow the flow of the content.

Contract colored buttons

Use of typography, imagery and contrast decide the hierarchy of different elements used in the website. Of these, an age-old tradition for creating a visual hierarchy is the use of contrasting colors. Use of contrast colors is a recent trend in this regard. This one of the oldest techniques that are prevalent in the print media. It is an effective way to attract the attention of readers. Incorporating contrast colors guides the attention of readers through the webs content. For instance, the use of bright colored Call to action button on a grey-colored or neutral base attracts the attention of readers.

Combination of typefaces

The use of contrast colors makes CTA buttons stand part from the other elements used in the websites. Signups for any service catered by the website improve with the use of contrast color. Well, contrast is not implied to colors but the use of different patterns, size, shape and various graphical elements. Different typefaces can also create contrast on the website that can attract their attention. While using font sizes of different shapes and weight make sure that, there is consistency in the design. Combination of sheriff and sans sheriff font is a good advice in this regard. Ensure that the contrast you have utilized creates an attractive composition Yarlesac.

Make elements stand out

Use of bullet points helps in different elements standout. If needed, you can also use contrast by hiding the content or making it less noticeable for the users. Irrespective of the technique that you apply on the website, the fundamentals of contrast remain the same. The designer increases the size of objects to attract the attention of users. You can also reduce the size of insignificant elements of the website. The use of contrast is predominant in the single-page websites. Designers use few tools to establish a perfect contrast in compliance with the set standards.

In accordance with the content

Whitespace is another element that affects the visual hierarchy of the website. You can evade the cluttered look of the website so that you can stand apart from the others. Icons, buttons, photographs, various visual elements and content influence the visual hierarchy of the website. If images used in website are not in sync with the design then, it might disrupt the impression that you intend to create. Designers adopt creative ways to make the website attractive and exciting to lure the attention of users. An important factor that designers need to consider while utilizing contrast is that it should be in accordance with the content of the website.

Use visual elements wisely

Images and other visual elements are not afterthought, so designers need to take care regarding the same. Ensure that the images complement the content of the website. However, it important to remember that it is not wise to replace images with text. Visual hierarchy is not about making everything unique but creating hierarchy in the design. Use of contrast displays the relative importance of the content and hierarchy of the same. Thus, you can improve the way your readers glances trough a website.

Author Bio: Jude Jones is a web designer and he understands the importance of visual hierarchy. You can click here to know how contrast helps in creating a hierarchy.


  1. The best of any website is creativity. Many web design companies create an attractive but due to high resolution images their website page load time increase. So to increase web page load time we should add images which are interesting but they should not affect the site. As everybody knows that image and content should be maintain in ratio. Main concept of a website is to
    attract the reader for this you need to used HTML, CSS, Java Script and many other languages which suits best for your website. Nice post!

  2. Website developing from any of the web design companies is crucial. As website need to be creative for it we need to have good header, body and footer. Use of images in body should be in such way that it can attract the visitors so can boost the traffic. Use of bullet points can make your website look better and impressive. Thank you very much for sharing such an informative post. Good post to read an impressive and innovative article. Thanks

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