Decor Themes For Firearm Enthusiasts

Decor Themes For Firearm Enthusiasts

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If you’re a gun enthusiast looking to spice up your home decor with this passion, then there are some different ideas you can implement. With over 40 percent of Americans now having a gun in their homes, it is becoming common for Americans to find a safe place to store their firearms without taking up too much space or ruining their home’s interior design. Why not embrace it and use it to your home decor advantage? Let’s take a look at some great themes you can follow that show off your firearms and look great.

1. Old Western Saloon

A theme that reflects the Old West’s history can be great for anyone’s room — kitchen, at-home bar, game room, basement or lounge area — or even the whole house. Wooden floors and walls using distressed wood and rustic hardware are definitely key to creating the Western feel. You could also add old-style furnishings with warm color tones like browns and dust red and made of leather or cowhide. A swinging saloon-style door can be a creative touch that is relatively easy to install, and you can add decorations like antique wall-hangings, oil lamps, or lanterns, as well as your firearms. Try hanging them on the walls with wooden photo frames for a great Old West feel.


2. Hunting Lodge

If your gun enthusiasm is coupled closely with hunting, then a hunting-lodge theme may be perfect for you. Like the Old West theme, wooden walls and floors really make the room come together, but try bringing the outdoors inside. You could display your hunting achievements, get statues or wall hangings of animals and trees, and use fur or animal-themed rugs under your furniture. Your guns could make perfect centerpieces on the coffee table or dining table, but make sure you keep a close eye on the height and weight, so it doesn’t end up smashing your furniture. You can find detailed lists of the size and weight of each gun online to ensure all design ideas are functional.

3. Armory

This style idea is perfect if you have a large collection of firearms and are looking for a creative way to store and display them. If you’re handy with tools, you could make your own wall rack and design it in the shape and size that accommodates the number of guns you have and your room style. Most strong racks are often made of metal-like materials and can therefore not be particularly aesthetically pleasing. Try and pick a colored material like army green, white or red to brighten the room slightly. For decoration purposes, color schemes that include black, grey, army greens, dark browns, and bulky, military-style furniture are perfect for an armory theme. You can always include some plants to create a slightly softer feel. Designing and decorating a home that has a collection of firearms can be difficult. However, there are several great themes that you can incorporate into your design ideas that not only display your firearms but also can create a stylish and homey feel to any room.

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