Does Your Wedding Need a Flower Girl and Ring Bearer?

Does Your Wedding Need a Flower Girl and Ring Bearer?

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The flower girl and ring bearer are two of the most adorable elements of any wedding ceremony, but does yours require them? These wedding party roles are traditional, but they’re also optional. If you’re trying to decide whether or not you should include a flower girl and ring bearer in your ceremony, you should be able to make up your mind easily by the end of this article.

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I’m JJ’s House designer, Jessica, your go-to source for all things wedding. From dress styles to hair styles to etiquette, I’m here to coach you through your planning so that you can have the wedding of your dreams. Are you trying to decide whether you need to include a flower girl or ring bearer in your ceremony? If so, you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to talk all about who they are, what they do and what they wear to help you make a final decision.

Roles and Responsibilities

You might think that the sole role of the flower girl and ring bearer is to look adorable, and there you’re partly right. However, the tiniest members of your wedding party do have some additional roles and responsibilities throughout the ceremony.

Traditionally, the flower girl (as the name suggests) would walk down the aisle before the bride, scattering flower pedals around. However, some modern wedding venues don’t like the mess that this causes. You might also want to do something more unique. In such cases, you can have the flower girl walk down the aisle blowing bubbles or handing out candy.

The ring bearer’s role is to walk the rings down the aisle presented on a pillow or cushion. He brings them to the bride and groom, who take them and put them on one another. Since the person filling this role is usually a young boy, many couples choose to keep the real rings with them and use “fake” rings on the cushions, just in case they’re dropped or go missing.

Making Them Comfortable

It’s important to help these mini-members of the wedding party feel comfortable throughout the ceremony. The children who fill the roles of flower girl and ring bearer are usually between the ages of 4 and 10 years old. It can be incredibly daunting for such a young person to have to walk down an aisle with hundreds of eyes on them while they have a job to do. The best way to make them feel comfortable is to bring them along to rehearsals and bridal showers so they get lots of practice and know what to expect. If you’ll be using a flower girl and a ring bearer, another option is to send them down the aisle together as they may feel more comfortable with a buddy. Also, it is crucial to dress them up with comfortable flower girl dresses or other suits. If your flower girl is only 1-2 years old, toddler flower girl dresses are the best to go.

What Should They Wear?

There’s a lot of room to get creative with the attire for the flower girl and ring bearer. The flower girl can be dressed up in a mini version of the bridal gown or she can wear a dress that matches the bridesmaid’s attire. The ring bearer can wear anything from a tuxedo to a sweater with a bow-tie. What they wear is up to you and how you want them to match with the rest of the party and ceremony.

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