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After the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, Don Forman Las Vegas businessman, helped heal the community in many ways. For one, his dealership — United Nissan — offered free rides for residents that wanted to donate blood. In conjunction with the Fox 5 Surprise Squad, Don Forman is a great community partner and one of its biggest donors. His philanthropic and charitable work has truly helped Las Vegas residents and families heal in many ways. This includes community outreach programs, along with interacting with families and helping them overcome the recent tragedy. From working with local law enforcement to place crosses at the site — to donating large sums of money — Don Forman embodied the spirit of giving, healing, and helping Las Vegas recover from this senseless tragedy.

Don Forman Las Vegas businessman, also helped Gibson Middle School with a check for $10,000.00. This has allowed the students to pursue their dreams of higher education and compete in national and international robotics competitions. The kids at Gibson Middle School won a state championship in robotics. However, they lacked the necessary funds to compete at the world championships. Don Forman cut the check — and it was presented to the class teacher, Ms. Jablon, as her students were crying and rejoicing in excitement. This truly brought a tear to my eye and restored my faith in humanity. I have watched the video many times and can only ask the good Lord to bless Don Forman and the Fox 5 Surprise Squad for everything they did — and continue to do for Las Vegas and other communities.


As part of “Crosses for Losses,” 58 crosses were placed behind the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. Each cross commemorated the spirit of those lost — along with the surviving family members and friends. While not a resident of Vegas, Don Forman was committed to helping the city heal and recover. He also presented Mr. Gred Zanis with a brand new car from the United Nissan dealership. Mr. Zanis and his family helped Aurora and Columbine’s communities heal from the mass shootings that took place. This was done by placing crosses to remember, honor and pay homage to those that lost their lives in these senseless attacks. I am incredibly inspired by these generous acts — and Don Forman was also inspired enough to participate in the healing with donations for the city.

In this day of non-stop turmoil and division, it’s great to see some folks come together for the betterment of families and children. Don Forman has truly made a positive impact on my life and countless folks across the nation and world. His work with Fox 5 Surprise Squad shows that humanity, charity, and giving is still well alive in our country and global community. God Bless him and the Fox 5 team for the great philanthropic work they continue to do for so many across the nation.


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