EaseUS Partition Master Free Edition makes the job a Walk in the Park!

EaseUS Partition Master Free Edition makes the job a Walk in the Park!

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Partition tools are easy to find, but not the ones that are absolutely easy to use, feature rich and yet they are free. The EaseUS Partition Master free is one such tool that offers all pro level features in a free package of software. Even though the software is basically a paid version, but anyone can take the advantage of 1 GB free demo limit and work their way out as a full-fledged software. Unless the demo limit exceeds out, you can partition any drives but the limit has to be 1 GB. That is enough to give an insight, whether buying the full version of the software is worth the money or not.

Partitioning a drive takes an advanced user, but with an easy to use software like EaseUS Partition Master, you might want to think again. The operation is very easy and there are guide through for the newbies. The help file is just more than enough in providing necessary support.

EaseUS Partition Master Free

The software lets the users create a new partition in their hard disk drive, break the previous partition table and build a new one, start a new disk partition task from the scratch, format an entire disk or just a drive, unhide and hide the partitions that already exist in the drive etc. All it takes is a few clicks. The user interface is so user friendly and intuitive. Taking a look at it would be able to make you understand which feature does what job.


There’s a copy wizard as well, which efficiently copies your existing hard drive into another hard drive. If you are planning to get a higher capacity hard drive, then this feature would so easily move your existing partition table to a newer hard drive keeping the ratios similar. Basically, you will not have to do anything, just start the wizard and sit back.

The software has been tested to work with different software based platforms. Currently, hard drives of up to 4 TB storage capacities are supported, support for bigger drives are soon to be added. Hardware RAID support is an impressive feature in the EaseUS Parition Master, it can work with up to 32 hard drives which is pretty pro like. Not only Windows partitions but one can also create Linux based partitions on a Windows based system, Linux partitioning no more requires a Linux computer now.

Convert MBR to GPT

MBR disks, according to their partition table structure can support only four entries whereas the GPT drives are usually built for more partition tables. In MBR, an extended partition is necessary for the extension to properly function whereas GPT is all free from these limitations.

EaseUS Partition Master allows the users to convert a MBR disk to a GPT one at ease. It is only a three step process, given that you have administrator right to the computer. Launch EaseUS Parition Master, right click on the drive you want to convert to GPT and select the option convert mbr to gpt. It will take a while and the conversion will be done without any data loss!


What makes the EaseUS Partition Master Free different from all other partition utilities? Well, its ability to work in any system platform and the user friendliness. The free demo works pretty good, you might not even have to buy a full version if your task is smaller enough. But once someone tests the demo, they will be well convinced to buy the full version.

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