Effective Ways to Improve Your Study Habits for IGCSE Exams

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For different career tracks and different universities, the required grade to get into a degree program varies. Assuming you already know what career track to take in university, all you really need to do now is do your revisions to better prepare for the exam. Indeed, a lot is riding on your IGCSE exam results, and your normal studying techniques may need a little bit of boost to make sure you get the results you desire. To help you with your studies, here are a couple of suggestions that you may want to consider.

You should already know the most effective learning method or environment for you.

Are you a visual or an audio kind of student? Do you prefer mildly noisy places to tranquil ones or vice versa? These are pretty basic, but sometimes it’s surprising that some students still don’t know the kind of method and environment they prefer. It’s important to know that you can avoid wasting unnecessary time plowing through your textbook if you work better drawing concept maps and diagrams for your lessons. Moreover, you instantly know where you can study instead of going from one place to another.

If you don’t know what works best for you yet, think back on previous exam days. Did you retain most of your lesson when listening to rock music while making a colorful reviewer? Or maybe you were in the library in total silence during that time when you passed all those exams? Be wary, though, because you might observe that different methods and environments apply to different subjects. So you should really start learning what suits you best.


Do not just rely on the syllabus.

Just like in any kind of exam, get past the pointers and make sure you have studied beyond what is required. The IGCSE is supposed to prepare you for the challenges of undergraduate life, which means allowing your natural curiosity to drive you to learn and ask questions on your own. You need to take the initiative to improve what you know, and it starts with reviewing for the IGCSE.

Practice with mock exams

Another way to know what other topics you should study for that aren’t in your syllabus is by practicing the GCSE exams incessantly. Your school will definitely have mock exams prepared for you, but it wouldn’t hurt to do a quick search online for more materials you can answer. Just make sure that you follow the timed conditions when practicing; this will help you discover which subject areas you still need to improve.

Develop your own note-taking system

There are times when the book is not enough of a reference when studying. It is the discussions in class that give the concepts life. This means being able to jot down notes as quickly as you can, but in a way that you’d still be able to understand it once the discussion is done.

You can do this in many ways: either through writing everything down in bullet points or creating a shorthand system. For shorthand systems, it could be as easy as abbreviating certain terms used exclusively for your class and then assigning terms for those used in another subject. And you can easily get help by doing a quick search of the different shorthand systems that are popular and effective. As for writing notes in bullet points, you’ll have to make sure you only list down key points of the discussion. If a comment made by a classmate adds value to the lecture, you may insert that as an indented bullet point.

Barring that technique, you can always just record the lecture.

The IGCSE will determine whether you’d be able to get into your dream university, learning about a career you’re passionate about. Yes, the pressure that comes with it is truly daunting. But think of what it entails once you’ve passed the requirements for your career track and allow that to motivate you to pass the exams. Good luck!

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