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The importance of essential oils in the world of alternative healing is being researched only now. Though, they have been a part of healing practices in many cultures for years.

Today, we can attest that essential oils have quite a few therapeutic properties that they dispense to us when used correctly. Essential oils can be purchased online, such as Love Thy Oils, or from your local pharmacy. Essential oils can be consumed in multiple modes but only under the guidance of an essential oil therapist.

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Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts derived from the different parts of a plant, which are then steam distilled into oil. Modern medicine has begun to employ essential oils in therapy due to their therapeutic properties and benefits.

One of the major benefits of essential oils is the impacts it has on one’s mood. They have psychoactive properties that can substantially boost one’s mood and play an integral role in aromatherapy; quite popular here in Australia. Lavender, lemongrass, wild orange are some of the few essential oils that help improve your mood and boost brain function. Essential oils also aid in pain relief caused by migraines and muscular distress. Some are even known to better the quality of your sleep and repel insects. So, you can go ahead and love thy oils, allowing them to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.

The benefits of essential oils are only now being researched, and it’s found that essential oils are proven to treat many physical and emotional health issues adeptly. It was found that the ones who used essential oils regularly had a better immune function, improved energy and mental lucidity, and lower amounts of pain and anxiety, making them a perfect way to unwind after a flat out day of work. Their physical health also improved, showcasing a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes.


Essential oils have different ways in which you can use them. Essential oils can be inhaled or used topically. Some can be ingested but only under the guidance of a therapist because it is fatal to ingest more than a particular amount. The inhalation mode is employed in aromatherapy, where a drop of oil is transferred onto a piece of jewelry, cloth, or any other absorbable item or through the mechanism of an aroma diffuser. This is the safest way to use essential oils.

The second method is a topical application to ease pain in the body and treat skin infections—thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. They work well for relieving your sinuses, easing backaches and sore muscles, and allaying headaches as well. With this method, though, it is important to remember to never apply essential oils directly to your skin. Some essential oils can irritate the skin, such as Citronella and Thyme. For topical use, essential oils have to be mixed with carrier oils, such as Coconut or Almond. Though, it is advised to do a patch test on your skin first before use.

All essential oils are not locally produced here in Australia and have to be globally sourced. While ordering online, it is important to ensure that your oils are of quality and are ethically sourced.

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