Ethnic Rhinoplasty Tips

Ethnic Rhinoplasty Tips

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An idea of the perfect plastic surgery can only be realized through thorough research and careful planning. With the most common form of plastic surgery being that of the nose, many people are often surprised to know of their heritage playing a major role in constructing their nose. Therefore, what is considered a ‘common nose job’ perhaps is not all that common for all races and ethnicities worldwide. Hence, here are some useful tips in making the right and healthy ethnic rhinoplasty decision to ensure your own perfect nose!

Choose your surgeon carefully!

  1. One of the main and most crucial choices of your ethnic rhinoplasty is choosing the right surgeon. Make sure your surgeon is board certified and is, of course, trained in identifying specific and healthy rhinoplasty surgeries that cater to the bone structure and your own heritage. Also, make sure to examine the surgeon’s knowledge and experience with your particular ethnic group as well!

Though the surgery is indeed common, the nature of ethnic rhinoplasty is indeed quite detailed. While choosing your surgeon, make sure they are trained in cartilage grafting, nasal implants, and bulbous tip reshaping. Make sure you are coherent to your surgeon about the look you wish to achieve, even understanding your own features and their plausibility.

  1. Are You A Candidate?

While getting yourself an ethnic rhinoplasty surgery, you must be eligible for one in the first place. An ideal candidate would be a nonsmoker with general good health and at least 13 years of age. Along with this,  be sure to completely understand the procedure before you fully commit. Remember, while you wish for a change, it is painful and a transformation from your natural self. Make the decision with caution.

  1. Embrace yourself!

While wanting to change your look is indeed a personal choice, a major mistake that is commonly made is to forcefully transform one’s particular ethnic nose into a Caucasian one. While the Caucasian nose is achievable for members of any race, your ethnicity still lies in your other features, sometimes causing them to go askew in the light of your new nose! The rhinoplasty surgery must be carefully suited to your unique face. Therefore, ethnic rhinoplasty must be pursued through your own personal genetic makeup.

While rhinoplasty is indeed a common and rather well-received procedure, be sure to understand that it is making a difference to your face! While you wish for this change and it can be appealing, your nose is in compliance with your face and perhaps your personality as well. Consult a good surgeon before even considering the surgery for better comprehension of the outcome.

Dr. Oleh Slupchynskyj is a trained plastic surgeon serving in the cities of Manhattan and New York. Dr. Slupchynskyj completed his advanced fellowship training while also achieving a Dual Board Certification by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology. Along with these distinguished credentials, Dr. Slupchynskyj is also acutely trained in conducting head, neck, and face surgery. He believes in the essentiality of complete patient care and is constantly engaged in the consultation process and the procedure. Visit his website for any further questions!

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