For First Time Buyers: Etiquette when visiting a Marijuana Dispensary

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The first time undertaking any activity can be challenging. You will probably not know what to do when going to buy marijuana at a dispensary. This read seeks to help first-timers learn some basic etiquette when visiting a marijuana dispensary.

Customers need not worry when they go to purchase items. The businesses exist because of you, and they employ people to attend to you. Just like any other business, customers need to behave in the highest order. Here is some etiquette I learned before visiting the dispensary near me.

Marijuana Dispensary

Carry the Necessary Documents

The store will not allow you to purchase without an identification document. Regardless of your age, dispensaries will require to look at the national ID. It is a requirement by the law for them to do so before making the sale. When purchasing medical marijuana, carry the doctor’s letter of recommendation.

Observe the Security and Health Protocols

It is essential to respect the business processes in every entity that you work with. Cooperate with the management by following regulations assets. Respect the guards at the entrances as you make yourself familiar with the surroundings. The global coronavirus also requires adherence to strict health guidelines to protect ourselves from contracting the deadly virus.

Carry Money in Cash

Most outlets dispensing medical and recreational cannabis prefer cash as their mode of payment. It will be disappointing when you wait for a long and when it is your turn, you cannot pay using a credit card. The inconvenience of finding an ATM to withdraw money is too much. It is time-wasting.

Ask Questions

It is good to ask for clarity on any issues that you may have about marijuana. Engage the workers in a friendly conversation, and you can have them recommend you to a product you can use. You can ask for an expert opinion on any concerns that you may have. Researching the products beforehand can help you decide what you want to purchase.

Time Management

Cannabis dispensaries discourage customers from idling around the shops. Do not take too much time looking at what is on offer. After settling on what you want, make your order and leave immediately.

Avoid taking Photos

Only a few dispensaries allow you to take photos while in the shop. Check out for signs that you may want against taking pictures. You can ask if you are allowed to take pictures or not.

Consumption places

Although it is legal to purchase cannabis from a local dispensary, you cannot consume the product at these places. It is against the law, and you will probably undergo prosecution if arrested by the police. Ensure that you read your local legislation that governs the use of marijuana. The pot shops where you purchase cannabis will not allow you to use it at their premises. It will expose them to the risk of losing their licenses.


Proper etiquette will improve your experience while the employees serve you. The employees are there to help you, and it is vital not to shy away from asking for help.

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