Everything you need know about Pool Decking Products and Materials

Everything you need know about Pool Decking Products and Materials

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Swimming pools in the backyard of your property is a great way of beating the summers. Apart, they have a huge role in enhancing the value of the property they are installed in. Further, adding to the entertainment and joy f living in a dream house. With water as the major concern, decking determines the perfect installation of the pool on the premises and the swimmers’ safety. A perfect pool decking should provide proper provisions for efficient walking areas, diving boards, sliding, and someplace for the lounge. Sounds tempting, right? So if you are considering the addition of decks to your pool, don’t forget to read about the pros and cons of different decking products. Here is a list of all types of decking products and materials you should keep in mind while deciding upon the perfect deck for your backyard pool. Read them below.

For ages, concrete has been one of the most preferred decking materials for its durability and water-resistant qualities. When brushed and finished efficiently, Poured concrete provides a smooth surface for the swimmers to walk barefoot without the fear of getting slipped over the wet surface. Further, concrete decks are easy to clean and provide a standard look. But concrete materials may not be the best choice if you live in areas prone to cold, shivery winters as it might lead to cracks in the decks.

  • Pre-Cast Cement Pavers are Good Alternatives:

These kinds of decking products are the best alternatives to poured concrete decks as they can be purchased in various shapes, from circles to squares. They are equally water-resistant, affordable. But when not installed correctly can be the reason for the uneven decking surface.

  • Brick Decks are Similar too:

Like concrete, pre-cast pavers, brick deck materials are simple to install and lend a classic look to the homes. Besides being an expensive investment, brick decks are available in a variety of colors and textures. But the main disadvantage of installing brick decks is that their installation is time-consuming and sometimes may demand a professional installation. Further, they tend to absorb a large amount of heat, making it difficult for the swimmers to walk bare feet.


Wood Decks, a Smooth Choice:

Woods are, no doubt best pool decking options, yet all woods cannot be considered to go well with the pools. For an exotic deck, you need wood that is efficient enough to repel water and insect infestations. The major advantage of wooden decks is that they can be installed upright the brick decks without spending on reinstallation. But woods can’t go well in all the seasons. They ought to be protected with a sealant every season or refinishing every three to four years of installation.

  • Tile Decks for Clean, Elegant Look:

Amongst various types of tiles, travertine or limestone are the perfect choices if you wish to lend your pool decks a natural, elegant look. Stone tiles are the best choices for lounging and entertaining deck surface.

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