Find Your Purpose In Life

Find Your Purpose In Life

- in Life

“Get a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day.”

Sounds easy right , but how do we do this?

How do I know which is ‘that Job’ ?

Today the Generation Z, in spite of having supportive working parents who are ready to invest heavily in their Education ( boom in Coaching Classes is a case in the point) are at cross-roads of the right Career choice.

Gone are the days when becoming an Engineer, Doctor, CA, MBA were the only esteemed options. Even these so called lucrative Degrees are no guarantee for Career Success (case in point is the thousands of Engineers who are not working in the chosen Engineering Industry) So why do parents spend their precious time, efforts and money (running into lakhs of rupees) only to get a degree which doesn’t help their Child in achieving Career Success ? Should Xth/XIIth marks be the only criteria for choosing a Career Path ?

The answer to this question is three pronged, firstly parents and even individual students follow the default mode (doing what everyone else is doing) and hoping that somehow it would help them. Secondly, they are not aware of the potential Career Opportunities available in this 21st Century (over 2000+ base Careers as per latest international database) and finally they are not aware of the child’s true Career potential ( Careers that would suit them the way they naturally are ).

Take the latest example of Pranita Rawool from V N Nabar High School. She hails from the small town of Banda in Goa- where she made her parents proud by securing 97.82% in her 10th standard 2016 board exams. In spite of clearly being a bright student, Pranita was not sure about her future plans and being an Engineer or a Doctor was not matching her inner life goals.

This is when she underwent the CAP Test for Career Analysis and Profiling (under a recent Government of Maharashtra initiative). “I was not sure how such a test would help me, but to my surprise CAP Report and Counseling was a completely life changing experience” says Pranita. The exhaustive 30 page CAP Report was able to provide Pranita with a 4 dimensional view of herself, explaining over 300 unique Career traits from the perspective of Blue Collar Area, Vocational Area, Personality Area and Multiple Intelligence Area, It also presented to her the TOP 30 Global Careers that would suit her Unique Profile. “There were no Careers in Engineering and Medicine and yet many unique Careers which we were not even aware of but as we read their description, we knew they would suit Pranita “ says Ravindra Rawool , Pranitas father.

Today Pranita has chosen to be a ‘Haute Couture Designer’, a CAP Career, which has excited her with deep passion, and her parents are supportive of helping her follow an education path ( including a specialization course from Paris) to pursue her true found passion that would ensure her Career Success.

Pranita is just one of the 5000 students this year who have turned to CAP for Career Clarity and Guidance, through the Government of Maharashtra. The CAP Test has changed their outlook to Life from an Education Perspective (which promotes the unwanted marks rat-race) to a Career Perspective (which focuses on individuality)

“Today the parents and students of India were longing for a strong and authentic tool like the CAP Test to save them from the pressures of Coaching Classes, Commercial Education Institutes and dubious aptitude tests which have exploited us for decades. I am happy that Pranita was lucky to have been introduced to CAP. Only wish we had the CAP Test when I was in school , which would have identified my true passion and suggested me my true Career Path for success” concludes Manali Rawool , Pranitas mother who is a primary school teacher in Goa.

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