GOM Player – A Media Player to Serve You Awesome Media Viewing Experience

GOM Player – A Media Player to Serve You Awesome Media Viewing Experience

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More often than not, in-built media players you find in computers seem to be quite insufficient when it comes to the case of movie and music lovers out there! Although it might be having some basic features, such as playlists & repeat features, they will not be up to the mark as far as a serious movie lover is concerned, in most of the cases. However, in this post, we are here to introduce one of the most popular, effective media players in industry — GOM Player! As the first thing, as we hope some of you might not have heard about GOM Player, we would like to start this post with a basic overview of the free-to-use media player. Once we have finished the intro, we will explore noteworthy parts of GOM Player as a media player to serve you awesome media viewing experience.

GOM Player

Well, as we said, GOM Player is completely free to use and you can download the tool for your computer if it runs on Windows XP (SP2 or Higher), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Well, in other words, if you’d be having a Windows device, GOM Player will be a smooth assistant of yours when it comes to watching movie files or listening to your favourite tracks. You can download GOM Player by paying nothing, from the official site and we’d bet that you will never regret downloading the tool. Now, as you have basic idea about the tool, we’ll check out most notable features of this media player in next part of the post.

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Supported Formats

You will never have to leave GOM Player because of the fact that some or other media format is not supported by it! We are quite sure because GOM Player offers support for almost every type of media files that you will have to face when exploring the world of digital media. The list includes MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MOV and WMV and the list does include a lot of other file formats, making GOM Player somewhat superb.


Of course, you need certain codec files in order to play certain media formats. What happens with most other media players is that you will have to search in web for finding these codec files and then to resume playing. When it comes to the case of GOM Player, however, you do not have to tire yourself, but the player itself will search for the codecs and let you continue your media-viewing experience without any serious interferences.


Unlike other popular media players out there, GOM Player offers a wide range of options to customize looks of that tool in such a way that GOM Player will meet up with your expectations in terms of User Interface as well. So, if you think the current skin is not intuitive enough for your mind, you can get another from the official website of player — simple as that.

Along with these, the ability to edit subtitles, A-B repeat, screen and audio capture, video effects are also some of worth-noting features of GOM Player.