Guidelines for Lost or Swallowed Body Jewelry

Guidelines for Lost or Swallowed Body Jewelry

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Although most body piercings are harmless and secure, a case might arise where it gets loose and becomes prone to getting lost or even swallowed.

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Accidents do happen, and it is always wise to keep yourself informed of what is to be done if you lose or swallow your body piercing jewelry.

CBR Bead is Lost
In the general run of things, CBR beads are secure enough to be in its place even when the ball goes missing. If this is the situation you are faced with, you must try and get hold of a replacement bead as soon as possible. However, in case you cannot substitute it right away, you can temporarily hold the ring in place with the help of a piece of tape. Wrap the adhesive tape in the section that is open to seal it up. Remember that this is a temporary solution only, and might be unsanitary, or even infectious, in the long run, although it will give you a day or two to get a replacement.

If the CBR is in your mouth, you could use a hack of keeping a small piece of chewing gum or dental wax to secure it in the place of the bead. This too is quite impractical in the long run, as sugary gums are not going to be very beneficial for your teeth. Make some time in your schedule to pay a visit to your piercing parlor.

Barbell End is Lost

Losing the ball off of a barbell will most definitely facilitate the bar of your piercing to writhe its way out sooner or later. For this situation too, a piece of gum or dental wax can provide a temporary solution until you can manage to get it repaired. As mentioned before, this is not exactly sterile, so make sure you get your piercing repaired within a day or two.

If the Entire Jewelry Falls Out
If it so happens that the whole ring or the barbell falls out, your piercing might actually close up if you do not reinsert it. If your piercing has healed already, this should be an easy task. However, a newly pierced area might still have raw tissue and it could get exacerbated if the insertion is misaligned. If you don’t have the time to pay a visit to your piercing parlor immediately, and you are thinking of reinserting your jewelry yourself, make sure that you don’t force your way into it. If there is any sort of resistance, stop at once. If you pressure your way in, you might damage the tissue further and it can even lead to infections. Professional piercers have the expertise to navigate through a situation like this and reinsert your jewelry, so it is best that you leave this job up to them. Meanwhile, keep the area concerned as clean and sterile as possible before you can make it to the shop.

Swallowed Jewelry
If you unwittingly swallowed your oral piercing jewelry, you might rightfully feel panic-stricken. However, if it is just part of the jewelry, like the bead from a CBR, or the ball from a barbell, owing to its negligible size and smooth surface, it would not be a matter of much concern, and eventually, it will pass out without much difficulty.
Swallowing the entire jewelry, on the other hand, has the potential to be a threat, particularly depending on its size. It might get lodged or get caught through the passage of the digestive tract and become an impediment. If the swallowed jewelry is a barbell, it has the likelihood of poking through soft tissue and can puncture the surfaces of the organs along the way. In such a case, consult the doctor without any delay before the situation gets worse. If the jewelry is lodged on your throat and you feel gagged or chocked, or if you have trouble breathing, you will require to displace it immediately. A Heimlich is the best possible solution. If you do not have any help at hand, you will have to perform the Heimlich on yourself. Look up the procedure before you get a piercing so that you will know the course of action in case of an emergency before time.

Accidents like these are rare and are avoidable with the right measures. Most importantly, make sure that you get your piercings from a reliable store that sells high-quality body jewelry. If you are in search for such a store, Wicked Alternative Body Fashion is your one-stop solution with their extensive range of body accessories and jewelry.


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