What Happens to Your Carpets in a Water Damage Emergency?

What Happens to Your Carpets in a Water Damage Emergency?

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Water damage can be caused by a number of different reasons, from a pipe bursting and flooding your house, to your house getting affected by an actual flood because of heavy rainfall in your area. Hopefully, if your house did get flooded, some of your carpets may not get affected. However, the typical situation is that water will affect your carpets as well and need to get restored, or discarded.

One of the factors that decide whether your carpet deserves to be saved or not is what kind of water has flooded your house. If there is a burst pipe in your home, the water will be ‘clean’ because of the lack of bacteria in the water. The damage caused will, thus, be easier to handle, and the only issue to solve is to clean and dry the property as soon as you can, before mould and fungus can grow on your furniture and in your carpets.
However, if this water has been left to stagnate for a while (say, twenty-four hours), this water is deemed to be ‘grey’. This water can be contaminated, and make sure you wear gloves before trying to restore your property, and it is recommended that you call a professional service to help restore your property.
However, if the source of water is from the sewer, this is ‘black’ water, and can include toxic material. In this situation, it is preferred to call a professional service, and not attempt to handle the damage on your own. If your carpets get damaged with ‘black’ water, it is recommended to simply buy a new carpet, for restoring your carpet will be as much, if not more expensive.

The other deciding factor is how long your carpet has suffered from water damage. For example, if you’re in the house when the flooding occurs, it would be possible for you to save the carpet and keep it dry. However, if you come home after a long time and find your carpet to be flooded, then you may have to get your carpet replaced. Once your carpet becomes wet, the chances of fungus growing in your carpet increase with every passing minute, and within twenty-four hours, there is a high chance of mould and mildew forming on the carpet.

It is always recommended to call a professional carpet to dry and restore your carpet for you, rather than attempt such a task yourself, should anything go wrong. Professional companies will use specialized vacuums and other expensive equipment to get rid of all the water in the carpet, before using air circulators to completely dry the carpet.

Carpet Rescue and Dry Outs Inc. is one such company- with a team of trained, experienced professionals fully equipped with dry out equipment – that will be able to solve your water damage problems, no matter how severe the damage may be. Depending on the instance you’re in, Carpet Rescue and Dry Outs will send an appropriate team to your house to help rescue your property, and will do so in a safe, efficient, manner. Along with offering such quality services, the company offers emergency services as well, so that your property can be saved as soon as possible.

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