Helpful Disaster preparedness tips

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No one can exactly tell how the disaster would be and the effects thereof. In fact, if a catastrophe was preventable, man would do anything to keep it off, but unfortunately, this has not been possible. However, readiness is important in this case; follow through and learn a few tips on preparing for disaster.

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Get to understand the impending disaster.

Ignorance does not pay; if it does, the pay is bitter and comes with regrets. Therefore, you must determine which disasters might strike your area and the possible response behavior for each occurrence. For instance, if you live in California, you may need to prepare for an earthquake, so you must prepare for severe weather or pandemic flu. Here, organizations like the Red Cross would give you sufficient data to help you identify whatever disaster is prevalent in your area.

Learn the shelter locations and evacuation routes in your area

Get the details ahead of time and the escape routes from your home, like that big kitchen window. It serves well to know the details of a hurricane long before it bears down on your home or even before a Tsunami warning has been issued. For the sake of children and others in the house, you could draw a map, escape routes, and, where need be, make it known to the family members to regroup in case a disaster strikes, and you must evacuate the house. Pick an evacuation location inside the compound and another in the neighborhood when the circumstances worsen. You also must decide where to go after evacuation; is it in a Red Cross shelter or a relative’s house? This will help you pre-plan and avoid frustrations that come with such emergencies.

How do you reconnect with people who matter?

When the networks aren’t working, you need to know how to connect with close family members and other people who matter. How will others know your condition? Figuring this in advance makes it easier to maneuver even in difficult circumstances? You need an out-of-area emergency contact to have family members check in with you. Everyone should have a list of emergency contacts they can call when a disaster strikes; this makes it easier for the rescue team to help you before you suffer the damage.

Sign up for emergency alerts

Your mobile phone is used for many purposes and could be your closest valuable. You must sign up for the emergency alerts, usually sent in messages. You become aware of any impending disaster- its timing and magnitude. This puts you in a better position,n so you’re not caught unawares. Keep tuned to the weather updates through the radio and the television. Social media is another very innovative platform where you can get information from friends and experts on disasters that might strike and prepare for them.

Learn emergency skills

When an emergency strikes, even the little tricks matter a lot. Even knowing how to cock that fire extinguisher could save the whole family from a fire. Getting CPR training could save a life even when you least expect it. Learning how to shut off utilities in your houses, like the gas cylinder and power lines, could save you a lot, including lives. Do not just be caught unawares; the above tips and many others will help you prepare for a disaster. The earlier, the better; therefore, whatever needs to be done or learned should be done even without warning.

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