Five Things You Didn’t Know About Home Security Systems

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Home Security Systems

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With the increasing inventions of state-of-the-art technologies, homeowners have a wide variety of options in terms of boosting their home security. From something as simple to an automatic light timer to something as advanced as controlling your home’s security via a tablet or smart phone app, home security is no longer a one-size-fits-all plan. Instead, homeowners can outfit their homes with security systems built to their exact specifications.


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Here are five things homeowners should know about home security systems:

  1. Options

The home security industry is changing for the better. With wireless Internet being typical of most households, home security systems have advanced to be compatible with Wi-Fi. While homeowners can certainly choose not to hook up their systems to their central Internet, home security systems that are attached to Wi-Fi provide homeowners with many options, including keyless front locks, which provide an extra layer of security.

Both technological advancements and competition play a vital role in the security system industry. Basically, new players mean fresh options. Security systems have advanced from alarms regulated at the front door. In fact, homeowners can purchase security systems from a company and install it themselves.

Local Home Security prices can vary depending upon how advanced the security system is; however, most security plans are packages the homeowner can customize in order to find a system that fits their budget.

  1. Apps

Additionally, new security systems work seamlessly with app technology. In fact, most security companies, including ADT, provide an app available for download. Having an app handy is useful in the event a homeowner is away from their house and would like to regularly check in on their home. Not only that, from remote locations, apps still have the ability to turn the alarm on and off, lock and unlock a keyless lock, adjust the thermostat, and turn off appliances and lights.

  1. Police

Because of the popularity of mobile tracking tools, most security companies do not offer monitoring services, which automatically alert the police when an alarm is triggered. While this is cheaper for the homeowner, if the alarm is set off, the homeowner must inform the police if they want an officer to check on the home.

  1. Customer Service

Because of the many competing security firms, usually the two deciding factors for homeowners are price and customer service. A homeowner’s best bet is to pick a company that is quick to fix faulty systems, run maintenance, inform homeowners of security updates, how soon they respond to homeowner questions, and how soon they respond to set off alarms.

Part of paying for a security system is knowing the company is doing their job by checking in on the homeowner.

  1. Do Your Part

While a security system definitely protects the home, homeowners can take preventative measures as well. One of the best things a homeowner can do is to trim any shrubbery around windows that could shelter anyone who is trying to break in.

With a little research, homeowners can easily find the right security system, knowing their home is safe from predators.