How Investing in Tech Can Improve Your Restaurant

How Investing in Tech Can Improve Your Restaurant

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Restaurants have come a long way in just a short time. The old cash register checkout system doesn’t fly anymore. Today’s restaurants are using technology for restaurant POS software and Bluetooth temperature sensors for HAACP food safety readings. Have you updated your restaurant’s tech lately? You could save time and improve your restaurant’s performance tenfold simply by trying some of this new foodie tech.

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A Revolutionary POS System

How many times has your POS caused you trouble? Whether it’s trying to check out and the credit cards go down, or there’s no way to enter a good review from a customer, you’re behind if you haven’t updated your POS in the past two years. New technology today makes it so much faster to check out your customers, and you can get remote technical support to handle software problems, although these are far rarer with the newest models. New technology for restaurant POS software also allows for surveys, split checks easily between guests, faster ordering, and tabletop checkout options. However, there are other things that your new POS can do that will affect your revenue and sales reports as well.

Dynamic Sales Reports and Analytical Reports

If you want to see your business under a microscope, you can use a modern POS for instant reports. The latest software allows you to get real-time reports on any sales data you like. You can also add in customer data, which gives you the ability to track audiences and see behaviors related to your menu, inventory, employee performance, and multiple sales metrics.

It’s important to get a bird’s eye view and microscopic zoom on important metrics for your business. With a new POS system, you could be using these reports to help you plan for important marketing events, promotions, seasons, and sales meetings.

Digital Inventory Tracking

What happens if you run out of your best-selling dish’s protein? You probably will have a few disgruntled regulars and a disappointed customer. If you could keep that reaction to a minimum by using things like inventory management systems, then orders could be automatically be added when inventory is getting low on certain supplies or ingredients. You can also schedule deliveries for seasonal menu items as well. Digital inventory also lets your employees see inventory counts, leading to greater efficiency and less disgruntled customers. You can monitor and keep track of your busy nights, and knowing that your POS will send orders for toilet paper or soap is another way you can help your managers save time.

Tabletop Checkout and Ordering

Wait times are cut drastically when you invest in a tabletop point-of-sale system, but it’s the on-the-fly ordering and self-checkout that can really improve your sales and wait times. Guests don’t have to depend on your wait staff for the functional aspects of the guest experience. They can take care of it themselves, and you can make the experience seem more fluid as well.

Online Ordering and Delivery

If you want more revenue, then online ordering and third-party delivery apps could help you open up new sales. Restaurant owners have to decide if their food will work with these delivery systems and pick the right online ordering element to boost their sales.

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