How to Choose Bathroom Vanities with Perfection?

How to Choose Bathroom Vanities with Perfection?

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Bathrooms are small, functional areas consisting of many things of purpose. But amongst all, vanity is multi-purpose. From washing hands to storing makeup or shaving items, it serves differently for different people.

Bathroom vanities are, however, the main attraction of the bathrooms and it becomes vital to select the right one. Whether you are renovating your bathroom or starting from the scratch, selecting a vanity that fits in your bathroom space, unique requirements and budget is quite difficult.

So as to ease your selection of right bathroom vanities, here are some things you should keep in mind. Have a look at them.

  1. Determine the Basin Style:

Possibly you must have spent a lot of time deciding upon the type of faucets and taps you want in your bathroom, but don’t forget that they are the only part of the sink. Therefore, consider the bowl and its impact on the utility of the vanity.

The selection of the basin style varies according to the counter space you want and that should be allotted to it. Further, it is dependent on the priorities of your bathroom vanities.

Compare different basin styles available in the market considering the levels of under-mount and the type of scooping bowls preferred by you.

2. Decide upon Storage Requirements:

Bathroom vanity provides for extended storage options. Before you select upon the most appealing bathroom vanity, have a look of the inventory you have in the bathroom.

Notwithstanding the fact that under vanity is perfect storage spots, yet you cannot home in the items you need the most. Preferably you need some shelves, drawers in your cabinetry to store the most accessible items.

Considering the layout of the bathroom, a perfect mix and match of drawers and cabinet doors should be made so as to avoid their collision and hassles in storing various items.

3. Determine Placement Size:

In order to avoid any mess or traffic in the bathroom, the vanity should be placed in accessible, appropriate places. Considering the doors and windows, a minimum space of 700mm should be left between various things in the bathroom.

4. Locate the Plumbing Systems:

The selection of your bathroom vanity is dependent on the placement of pipes in the bathroom. Certainly, if you are planning to switch from traditional floor vanity to wall vanity, may require you to route the pipes and drains.

However, rerouting the pipes and drains is not impossible but a matter of costs and time.

In addition, working on pre-existing plumbing systems, tend to restrict your choices to limited vanity designs.

5. Choose the Materials Smartly:

Just to name a few, spilled makeups, creams, water and cleaning products are the possible encounters of vanity. Definitely, you would want to install a vanity that can withstand the spills and humid conditions in the bathroom.

While you look for bathroom vanities, consider the material of its composition. Look for durability of wood veneers, laminates and thermofoils as they are capable of withstanding the humid, wet conditions of the bathroom.

6. Consider the Scalability of Dimensions:

Regardless of your storage requirements, the bathroom vanities should be of perfect size. Measurement factors such as width, height and depth should be considered during the purchase.

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