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It’s natural to find other people attractive. It’s also natural to want others to feel attracted to you and be found attractive by other people. We all want to feel beautiful, handsome, and attractive. We cannot easily change our appearances, like height and facial structure, without perhaps resorting to cosmetic surgery, and there are those that we can change to boost our attractiveness. These are simple things that improve our appearance, how attractive we will about ourselves, and increase our confidence, making it easier for others to find us attractive.

1. Take care of yourself

You don’t have to look like a runway model or an A-list actor to be attractive. Simple adjustments in your daily life can significantly increase how attractive you feel about yourself.

Whether you want to feel attractive to your partner or yourself, you need to take good care of yourself. It goes without saying that you should maintain proper hygiene practices. Brush your teeth regularly, shower often, and groom yourself well.

Improve your skin’s appearance by choosing the best skincare products for your skin. If you have acne, you may visit a dermatologist to have it treated. Make sure you put your moisturizer and sunblock on before stepping outside the house.

Exercises often, as it helps with your posture and energy.

You don’t have to wear the latest trendy clothes but whatever you have on should be well-fitting, clean and wrinkle-free. Cologne or perfume will also go a long way. You can find grooming techniques online on sites like, how to dress on a budget, and much more.


2. Have your manners

No one is attracted to a brat. Be a gentleman. Be polite and courteous in your dealings with everyone, both men and women, and be conversant with common social cues and etiquette rules.

Learn how to have a conversation without employing the use of curse words. Good listening skills are attractive. People are attracted to those who can listen without cutting them off or hogging the conversation.

3. Be confident

Nothing is more attractive than someone who carries themselves with an aura of confidence. As it is often said, confidence will take you places. Exuding confidence is one of the many ways to instantly make yourself feel more attractive. You can learn how to become more confident through practice and having a positive mindset.

Caution should, however, be taken to confuse confidence with cockiness or arrogance.

Confidence is sexy and attractive; cockiness is lording it over others and a complete turn-off. Confidence is being comfortable in your skin while appreciating the diversity that exists across the human spectrum.

4. Have values and principles

You should have a value-system on which you base your actions and decisions. Values like honesty and trustworthiness are fundamental in living a fulfilling life. Having morals and values makes people want to associate with you since no one wants to be close to a spineless man who can easily be swayed by opinions and peer pressure.

Sticking to your values shows a sign of maturity, which increases your attractiveness even more.

5. Intelligence

No, you mustn’t have the IQ of Albert Einstein, for example. However, it is important to be at least knowledgeable on one or two subjects and have intelligent conversations about them.

Read books, journals, and magazines and be aware of current affairs.

Intelligence is correlated with ambition and motivation. Humans are naturally attracted to highly-motivated individuals since their positivity naturally rubs on others.

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