Huawei Claims to Have Overtaken Apple in Global Smartphone Sales by Volume

Huawei Claims to Have Overtaken Apple in Global Smartphone Sales by Volume

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Huawei Claims to Have Overtaken Apple in Global Smartphone Sales by Volume 1

Gaming Gadgets

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  • Huawei says it has overtaken Apple in sale volumes throughout the globe.
  • The emblem is now promoting across seventy-four countries such as India.
  • Though Samsung leads the worldwide market in sale volumes
  • On Monday, Chinese cellphone maker Huawei said it has overtaken iPhone-maker Apple in global income extent to become 2nd largest handset enterprise globally.


“Huawei overtook Apple in global income extent share in December,” Huawei India Director for Product Centre Allen Wang said. He stated the organization’s proportion in December 2016 reached thirteen.2 percent globally, whereas Apple becomes in the range of 12 percent. The company claims to have shipped 139 million smartphones last year. Though Samsung leads the global marketplace in volumes, Huawei has overtaken the Korean era most important in a few markets, Wang stated. “Honor (Huawei’s on-line telephone emblem)has now grown to be global’s number one online logo,” he stated. The brand is now selling throughout seventy-four international locations, inclusive of India.

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