The Secret to Acing Multiple Choice Exams

The Secret to Acing Multiple Choice Exams

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The Secret to Acing Multiple Choice Exams 

Acing Multiple Choice Exams has become a great challenge for many candidates as MCQ’s appear in most of the competitive exams like CAT with negative marking involved. Candidates usually love to make their unknown choices based on a rhyme. Still, the introduction of negative marking makes the candidate use a strategy to crack those questions to narrow down the chances to get stung by the negative mark.


Here are some tips and strategies to help you in your exam:

Tips for True or False Questions

During analysis, it was said that the option “True” occurs more frequently than that of the option “False.” The percentage was split as 56% true and 44% false. The chances of the following answer being opposite from the present one are 63%.

As a result, Poundstone suggests:

  • The candidate should go through the entire test by marking the known answers before making any random guesses.
  • Look at the options marked in the known answers and analyze them. When both the neighboring answers are the same (both truth, let’s say), guess the opposite (false)

Tips for Multiple Choice Test Questions:

  1. Know what each option is asking:
    This is the first step towards answering the multiple-choice questions, to understand each option that is provided. You should have a clear understanding of the question that has been asked so that the appropriate answer can be marked. Don’t get fooled thinking the appropriate answer is always right.
  2. Evaluate each answer to the question:
    After you’ve correctly identified the question given, always do quick evaluations of the answers. Usually, the type of answers given will be familiar, but don’t hesitate to double-check the question if you are surprised about the answers given.
  3. Eliminate each clearly wrong answer:
    This step is more or less similar to the previous one. While you evaluate the question, you can eliminate those completely irrelevant options to the question asked. This will help in narrowing down your choices.
  4. Guess like a street magician:
    If you are time-bound with few answers left to be attempted, it’s time to guess like a street magician. These guys know your family history based on something that you’re wearing. Likewise, these guesses are special kinds of guesses based on the question, where you don’t use the usual options because it’s the most common response.READ MORE ARTICLES : 

The best way to achieve multiple-choice questions and prevent yourself from getting hurt by these negative marks is proper planning and preparation strategy to crack these exams with ease. Having a clear understanding of the CAT Syllabus and the CAT Preparation tips will help the candidate ace such competitive exams.

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