New Trends with Health Supplements

New Trends with Health Supplements

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The health industry is becoming more and more diverse as revolutionary studies are conducted and lead to major breakthroughs. While this is more than a good thing, the truth is your average consumer of information may get lost in all the terminology and studies. A few health supplement trends are increasingly growing, especially in herbal remedies and supplements. One of the biggest myths associated with natural health is that all products in the industry are too expensive. The opposite is actually true as forms of alternative medicine can be cheaper than prescription drugs. Furthermore, regardless of economic struggles in recent years, consumers are still willing to pay more for natural goods, such as organic food.

Unfortunately, the market for supplements continues to depend on the region. Areas like the United States and Europe have a much higher demand for herbal goods than those in less fortunate areas. Additionally, even advanced areas of the world face stringent regulations from the government.

The Demand for Supplements

In the past, the well-known supplements available in the over-the-counter market were designed for bodybuilding or food. Some of the supplements – like fish oil – have withstood the test of time while others were fish-in-the-pan products that were popular only for a brief amount of time.

The more recent demand for supplements has been related to the consumption of food. Currently, herbal extracts, probiotics, omega-3s, glucosamine, and chondroitin are some of the more popular food supplements being tossed around. The terrific aspects of food supplements are that they’re cost-effective– clearly viable alternatives to synthetic supplements.

Single-Ingredient vs. Multiple-Ingredient Supplements

What is the difference between a single-ingredient formula and multi-ingredient formula? Formulas are no longer just for infants. Yes, single-ingredient formulas have existed for quite some time, and they still have viability. However, like the name suggests, multiple-ingredient supplements have the potential to address the same issue or multiple issues. Recently, a study on a multi-ingredient supplement suggested that

Natural Health and Cognitive Health

Because of the current trend, several Nordic brands, like VitaePro and Nordic Naturals, have started to produce a range of supplements specifically to improve and/or maintain cognitive health.

Youth and Natural Health

People – especially those under 30 – used to roll their eyes at the thought of needing vitamins or any other supplement. Oh, how the tables have turned. The fact is a rising number of those in generation Y, or millennials, are using supplements. Health professionals are now recommending incorporating herbal supplements to patients of all ages. Celebrities are also jumping on the health trend with endorsements. Combine the acceptance of these natural remedies from superstars and medical professionals, and one can understand why the industry is getting huge.


Organic Health Products Gaining Popularity

What was once limited to a small section at the grocery store is now taking over it – not only there, but also at farmers markets, restaurants, and just about every other industry that deals with food consumption you can think of. Organic is no longer reserved for fruits and vegetables, as perhaps the most recent trend is organic beverages. Millennials, in particular, are showing a pressing desire for organic consumption, and this will hopefully expand to less advanced regions of the world in the future. A fantastic example of companies making humongous improvements with organic supplements is the French company Super Diets.

Europe Leading Natural Health

The accelerated growth in the natural health market is not just limited to Europe, though it is most certainly the leader. Research from legitimate companies is paving the way for groundbreaking results on a frequent basis. Additionally, intense regulation has helped create consumer confidence regarding the effectiveness of herbal supplements. According to, the dietary supplement market in Europe alone is expected to expand by about 9.5 percent to reach $8.7 billion by 2020. The major players in the supplement market consist of Germany, Italy, Great Britain, and Belarus. Who will be next?

Probiotics and Cognitive Health

Are you the type of person who likes to discover the latest health trend before his or her friends, much like someone who wants the latest technological device first? If so, probiotics appear to be the next big thing. Probiotics are not new to the market, though it has escalated in the past few years. New research indicates the so-called “good bacteria”: L Acidophilus, L plantarum, L reuteri, and L rhamnosus. These types of probiotics can be found in products like cereal, juice, and yogurt, as well as sold individually.

The amazing news is that “natural health” is no longer just taking the vitamins your mom was so adamant for a well-balanced diet. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, pain, depression, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol, scientifically proven natural supplements exist.

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